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GTA Online Arcade: Best Location To Buy & Is It Worth It?

If you are interested in doing the Diamond Casino heist, then you need to know which Arcade is the best one for the job in GTA Online.
GTA Online Arcade: Best Location To Buy & Is It Worth It?

Planning for the Diamond Casino Heist? The most strategic move is securing the best Arcade in GTA Online. It serves as your operation base and, much like selecting the best MC Clubhouse location, can drastically impact your game success. But with various options to consider, finding the optimal Arcade can seem daunting.

But don't worry because we're here to guide you through it. This article will analyze and pinpoint the best Arcade to buy in GTA Online, putting your heist prep on the fast track. From cost considerations to geographical advantages, we'll ensure you make an informed, game-changing decision.

Updated on 9 June 2023: We reworked this page and added a lot more details. While you're here, why not check out our Imani Tech Vehicles List and Action Figure Location guides!

What Are Arcades In GTA Online? - Explained

Introduced as a lucrative business venture in The Diamond Casino Heist update, Arcades in GTA Online offer an engaging way to enhance your gameplay. The journey to owning your Arcade begins with a simple text message from Lester Crest, shortly after your encounter at Mirror Park:

OK. Found something perfect. There are sum old Arcades on Maze Bank Foreclosures that'd be perfect for the Casino job. If ur in I am 2!

Receiving this cue from Lester will unlock the option to purchase an Arcade in the Maze Bank Foreclosures website of GTA Online. So, keep an eye on your in-game notifications!

How Can I Get An Arcade In GTA Online?

gta online how to unlock arcade

Embarking on the journey to buy the best Arcade in GTA Online is simple. On your iFruit device, navigate to foreclosures.maze-bank.com, the Maze Bank Foreclosures in-game website. Here, you'll discover the option to buy an Arcade prominently displayed.

Upon purchasing an Arcade, you unlock access to The Diamond Casino Heist planning area, assuming your role as a VIP, CEO, or MC President. Alongside these benefits, you also gain an assortment of games for your Arcade and a complimentary T-shirt featuring the logo of your Arcade property.

How Many GTA Online Arcade Locations Are There?

The world of GTA Online offers six unique Arcades locations, each with its distinct appeal and price range. Available for purchase through Maze Bank Foreclosures, the Arcades span across diverse settings, from the city's hustle and bustle to Paleto's secluded outskirts.

Here's a table of the available Arcades and what each has to offer:

Arcade Location & Description Price Image


Don’t let the economic turmoil of Davis put you off this one-of-a-kind property. The Auto Fix Factory once made great business here, before going under. And Warehouse lasted at least a week before it went bust. But you know what they say. It’s not the business. It’s the owner. And, after this one, you won’t be making the same mistakes.

$2,135,000 warehouse_davis_arcade_location_gta_online

La Mesa

In the charming industrial district of La Mesa, where dreams of gentrification are few and far between, we present this bargain property. Before closing down, Videogeddon was a hive of heavy metal gamers who played for days at a time, only breaking to do another line. New carpets are recommended.

$1,875,000 VideogeddonLaMesa_arcade_location_gta_online


As far as renovations go, the Eight-Bit has all the grit and grime needed to be the perfect hangout. This one-time record shop and three-time drug front couldn’t feel trendier, Plus, the West Vinewood location guarantees a herd of cold brew-drinking hipsters will swarm for retro gratification.

$2,530,000 vinewood_arcade_location_gta_online
Insert Coin

Rockford Hills

We don’t need to convince you of the charms of Rockford Hills, but the residents may need convincing by an Arcade’s charms. Luckily for you, the musty smell of the wine shop previously on this site adds a touch of class to the ambiance.

$2,345,000 rockford_arcade_location_gta_online


Back in the 80s, Wonderama was the greatest night out in Grapeseed. Ten-pin bowling, soft play, kids’ parties, and parties of kids running feral for days. You name it, they had it. But it just takes one health inspector and an infested ball pit, and suddenly you’re out of business. Bad luck for them. Good luck to you.

$1,565,000 grapeseed_arcade_location_gta_online
Pixel Pete’s

Paleto Bay

Pixel Pete’s Fun Time Arcade was a legendary dive, run by a hero who loved games so much three heart attacks couldn’t convince him to take more breaks. Features hand-painted details by Pete’s own nephew. It’s remarkable that we do not charge extra for this characterful addition. Buy now before we change our minds.

$1,235,000 pixel_pete_arcade_location_gta_online

These distinct locations offer a wide selection for any play style. You could opt for an Arcade nestled in the city's heart or prefer a distant hideaway far from the city's prying eyes.

Can You Change Arcade Location In GTA Online?

how to change arcade location in gta online

Absolutely! A great feature of GTA Online is the ability to change your Arcade's location, allowing all your games, garage, and upgrades to move with you. The only expense you'll have to consider is redecorating your new Arcade.

To accomplish this, visit the Maze Bank Foreclosures website and select a different location from your current Arcade. You'll receive a prompt warning about the impending location change. The cost associated with this change will be the difference in price between your old and new Arcades.

Note: If your new property is cheaper, you might even get some money back. Confirm the transaction to complete your Arcade's relocation.

Does Arcade Location Really Matter In GTA Online?

Technically, the location of your Arcade in GTA Online does not affect your gameplay, as all locations provide the same upgrades, missions, and facilities. Regardless of the Arcade you buy, you'll have access to all the content in GTA Online.

That said, the location choice can be influenced by a player's financial situation or gameplay preferences. Some players may opt for cheaper locations, while others may prefer locations closer to other mission locations or in-game points of interest.

What Is The Best Arcade To Buy In GTA Online?


Looking for the best Arcade to buy in GTA Online? We recommend Videogeddon in La Mesa. This location boasts several advantages, including a central position on the map and close proximity to the Diamond Casino. While Eight-Bit in Vinewood is closer to the city's center, its higher price tag makes Videogeddon a more cost-effective option.

Is Owning An Arcade In GTA Online Worth It?

Yes! Owning an Arcade in GTA Online is indeed a worthy investment. As a lucrative business venture, it opens up new opportunities for passive income, especially when combined with other businesses like a Cocaine Lockup. While the upfront cost may seem hefty, the benefits over time certainly make owning an Arcade a strategic and worthwhile decision for GTA Online players.

Choosing Videogeddon can help expedite mission completion and aid you in navigating the Diamond Casino Heist more swiftly. With this guide, you can make the most out of Arcades in GTA Online. This guide was originally written by Daniel Borjas and subsequently reworked by Chadley Kemp

GTA Online Arcade: Best Location To Buy & Is It Worth It? FAQ

How can I purchase an Arcade in GTA Online?

To buy an Arcade, visit the foreclosures.maze-bank.com website on your iFruit device and purchase one of the six locations.

Can I change the location of my Arcade in GTA Online?

Yes, you can relocate your Arcade by purchasing a different location on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

What is the best Arcade to buy in GTA Online?

Our recommendation is Videogeddon in La Mesa due to its central location on the map and proximity to the Diamond Casino, making missions and the casino heist more efficient.

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