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GTA Online Fleeca Job Heist Payout In 2023

If you are interested in taking part in one of the first heists in GTA Online, you should know how much you are going to get paid.
GTA Online Fleeca Job Heist Payout In 2023

Playing through GTA Online, you will undoubtedly take on a large number of heists. After all, heists are one of the biggest mechanics in the game. It is also a big way for players to make money in GTA Online. Although GTA Online has since expanded and there are various criminal careers to undertake, heists are still a huge money maker for players.

Still, how much will you make doing a Fleeca heist? Here, we go over the payout for the original heist in GTA Online and we tell you if it is worth doing or not.

Is The Fleeca Heist Worth Doing?

GTA Online Fleeca Heist
The party host will be in charge of drilling into the safety deposit box in the Fleeca Heist. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. The fact of the matter is that as a player, it is always up to you how you want to spend your time playing games like GTA Online. Although simple, the Fleeca heist is still a fun job to do.

You also need to complete the Fleeca heist to progress and do other heist missions. Without completing the Fleeca Heist, you cannot start the prison break job. So you will need to do the Fleeca Heist if you want to progress in terms of what you can do in the game.

But what about after the job? Is it worth doing again? The amount of money you get for The Fleeca job is pretty laughable so it is not worth repeating. This is even when you considered the payout for the job increased after The Criminal Enterprises update.

How Much Money Can I Get For The Fleeca Heist?

GTA Online Fleeca Kuruma
Players will escape the Fleeca heist by using an armored Kuruma. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

As we have previously stated, the amount of money that you get in the Fleeca heist is relatively low. Here are the expected payouts from this heist:

  • $100,625 - Easy Mode
  • $201,250 - Normal Mode
  • $250,250 - Hard Mode

It is important to note that you can do this heist with only one other player, so the split is going to be 60%/40% with the 60% going to the party leader. This is for sure the lowest-paying heist that you can currently do in GTA Online. But it is definitely worth doing the first time so you can unlock more heists in the future. Just do it once and use other heists to actually make money.

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