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GTA Online Armored Trucks: All Spawn Locations

Are you wondering where to find Armored Trucks in GTA Online? Your search ends right here! Find all the spawn locations in this guide!
GTA Online Armored Trucks: All Spawn Locations
Rockstar Games / Grand Theft Auto V

Craving the thrill of a chase and the spoils of a successful heist in GTA Online? You've landed at the right place! This guide will detail all the elusive GTA Online Armored Truck spawn locations. As we delve into every hidden corner of Los Santos and Blaine County, we'll equip you with the knowledge to seize that coveted GTA$ and RP!

The exciting new event that arrived with the latest GTA Online Weekly Update promises a high-stakes pursuit of an Armored Truck loaded with riches. This event marks a golden opportunity to escalate your criminal empire's status. However, the burning question on every player's mind is: where to find Armored Trucks in GTA Online? Here's all you need to know!


How To Play GTA Online Armored Truck Robberies

Armored Truck Robbery is a returning random event running from July 13 through July 20, 2023. The vehicles, also known as Stockades, will randomly appear in any session (including solo and invite-only sessions), showing up on your Radar with a unique icon.

The exact Armored Truck spawn locations in GTA Online are indicated in the following section. There are multiple ways to access the truck's valuable cargo, from using a Sticky Bomb on the back doors to blasting them open with a Shotgun or sniping them with a Heavy Sniper.

However, note that any attack will prompt an immediate response from the driver and a 3-star Wanted Level. Successful entry into the truck will drop a suitcase containing $25,000 and earn you 1,000 RP, which your character needs to be on foot to collect.

All Armored Truck Spawn Locations In GTA Online


There are ten possible Armored Truck locations in GTA Online, indicated by the green vehicle icons on the map above. These fortified vehicles are also shown on the Radar and contain cash you can steal.

The table below details each Armored Truck location in GTA Online.

Security Vehicle Location Description Map Image
Paleto Bay On the corner of Cascabel Avenue in Paleto Bay, next to the Bank. paleto_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Grapeseed Near LTD Gasoline on Grapeseed Main Street. grapeseed_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Grand Senora Desert Opposite Los Santos Customs on Route 68 in Grand Senora Desert. grand_senora_desert_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Chumash Near to the Tattoo Parlor in Chumash, next to Great Ocean Highway. chumash_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Vinewood (East) By the Diamond Casino right next to Los Santos Freeway. los_santos_ne_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Rockford Hills At the FLEECA Bank in Rockford Hills.  rockford_hills_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Morningwood Between the Ammu-Nation and the Maze Bank West Office in Morningwood. morningwood_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Downtown Opposite the FIB Building on Power Street in Downton Los Santos. downtown_armored_truck_location_gta_online
East Los Santos Opposite Los Santos Fire Department in East Los Santos. east_los_santos_armored_truck_location_gta_online
Los Santos International Airport In the parking lot next to LSIA. LSIA_armored_truck_location_gta_online

And that's everything you need to know about how to get an Armored Truck in GTA Online. We want to extend a special thank you to the contributors of GTA Web for detailing the locations listed in this guide.

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Need more help? Watch this instructional video by Joe Iz Gaming on YouTube!

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