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GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Best Payout, Location and Is It Worth It

One of the most profitable drugs that you can push in GTA Online is cocaine and we have a guide to help get you started.
GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Best Payout, Location and Is It Worth It

If you are enjoying some of the DLC content in GTA Online, you might be wondering if is it worth starting a cocaine business in the game. We are here to tell that yes it is.

Not only is it fun to do but it gives you a good amount of passive income for you to rake in and enjoy doing other things in the game. So you might wonder how you get into the cocaine business after you load in GTA Online. We are here to guide you on that.

Getting Started With Cocaine In GTA Online

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup
Players can gain passive income through hiring workers to work at your cocaine lockup. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

GTA Online introduced a lot of drugs to the game when they introduced the ability to be part of a motorcycle club (MC) in the game. The Biker DLC allows players to start and control their very own MC and everything that comes with it, including creating and pushing drugs.

To start, players need to become a president of an MC. Once that is done, players will open up "The Open Road" app created by Lester to purchase a cocaine lockup.

Players will then need to complete the associated mission after buying the lockup and bring the supplies they get to the lockup. Once that is done, the lockup is yours and you can start your cocaine empire in GTA Online.

What Is The Best Cocaine Lockup Location In GTA Online?

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Biker DLC
There are four different cocaine lockups that you can purchase in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Players have a few options when it comes to where to buy a cocaine lockup in the game. The locations for lockups are as follows:

  • Alamo Sea ($975,000)
  • Paleto Bay ($1,098,000)
  • Elysian Island ($1,462,500)
  • Morningwood ($1,852,500)

Now you might be wondering, which one should you buy. In terms of which one is best, it is important to note that functionally every GTA Online cocaine lockup is the same. You will not lose out on anything no matter which one you buy.

If you want our recommendation though, you might want to buy the lockup at Alamo Sea. The reason for that is that it is in the middle of the GTA Online map which makes you as close to all the associated missions as possible.

On top of that, other MC content is near that location like a nearby meth lab. If you want to keep your MC businesses close, the lockup at Alamo Sea is the way to go.

GTA Online Cocaine Lockup Max Profit Payout

Take a look at what your profits could look like by purchasing a cocaine lockup:

Upgrade Upgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell Local Sell Remote Profit per Hour
No Upgrade $0 $20000 $200000 $300000 $25000
Security Upgrade $570000 $20000 $200000 $300000 $250000
Equipment Upgrade $935000 $24000 $240000 $360000 $30000
Staff Upgrade $390000 $24000 $240000 $360000 $30000
Equipment/Staff Upgrade $1325000 $28000 $280000 $420000 $35000
All Upgrades $1895000 $28000 $280000 $420000 $35000

As you can tell by the chart we have provided you, not all upgrades will help you get more money. If you want to start making a profit sooner, you should not do the security upgrade and focus on upgrading your equipment and staff.

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