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All GTA Online Stash House Safe Codes

Here, we will give you all the possible stash codes for the stash houses in GTA Online.
All GTA Online Stash House Safe Codes
UPDATE - The GTA Online Weekly Update from March 23 to 30 is rewarding players with 2x GTA$ on Stash Houses.

GTA Online is constantly adding new content to the game. It seems like there is something new for players to explore every week in the game which is good for a live service game like this one. Ever since the launch of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, GTA Online has been getting a good flow of drip-fed content.

One of the promised features that were mentioned for the Los Santos Drug Wars was the ability to break into stash houses. Stash houses are filled with supplies collected by enemy gangs and they are for you to take. Here, we are going to tell you what are the access codes to the safes that are in the newly introduced stash houses.

What Are The Safe Codes For The Stash Houses In GTA Online

In GTA Online, there are a lot of daily events that players can participate in. Stash houses are one of those daily events. Players can break into one stash house a day, open the safe, and take the supplies. The supplies are stuck behind a safe that you need codes to open.

GTA Online Stash House Codes
This is the stash house icon you are looking for on your map in GTA Online. (Picture: Youtube.com/@TGG_)

Here are the possible combinations for the safes in the stash houses:

  • 01-23-45
  • 02-12-87
  • 28-11-97
  • 44-23-37
  • 05-02-91
  • 72-68-83
  • 24-10-81
  • 73-27-38
  • 28-03-98
  • 77-79-73

As you can see, there are 10 different stash codes that players can end up finding for each safe. The stash house is found in a random location and each safe has 1 out of the 10 codes listed above. The codes for the safes are found on a yellow sticky note in the stash house that you are currently in.

What Do You Get For Unlocking The Safe In The Stash Houses In GTA Online?

The stash houses are great if you are an MC President. If you are an MC President and you own a lot of different MC businesses, it is worth your time to rob these stash houses. That is because if you rob a stash house, it will resupply one of your MC businesses completely with stock. That is $75,000 worth of value and on top of that, that MC business will earn money at no cost to the player.

GTA Online Stash House Codes
Use the codes you find to break into the stash house safes. (Picture: Youtube.com/@GhillieMaster)

Now, what if the player does not have any MC businesses? The reward is a little less impressive for players who do not have a business. The non-business players will get a flat $30,000 for their troubles. Although the value is less than those who have an MC business, it is a very easy $30,000 to make.

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