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GTA Online Document Forgery Payout, Best Location and Is It Worth It

If you are interested in getting into a document forgery business in GTA Online, we have the perfect guide to help.
GTA Online Document Forgery Payout, Best Location and Is It Worth It

With all the drugs and guns that you can sell in GTA Online, you might not think it but there are other illegal products that you can sell in the game. In this case, we are talking about forged documents.

Forging documents in GTA Online is a pretty simple process that you can take advantage of in the game. Think of it like an upgrade to get some decent money in your bank. Here, we go over which forgery is the best one in the game.

How To Begin Forging Documents In GTA Online

GTA Online Document Forgery
You will need to be club president of an MC to participate in document forgery. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The Biker update in GTA Online was one of the first huge DLC updates that GTA Online got in the game. With it, a whole bunch of content came for players to explore.

In case you did not catch that, you need to be the president of a Motorcycle Club (MC) to create a document forgery business. Once you have that squared away, you need to buy the business through the dark web.

After making your purchase of which document forgery you want to buy, you need to do the associated mission that pops up and deliver the supplies to your new office. Just remember that you need to be signed in as an MC President to do this

What Is The Best Location For Document Forgery?

GTA Online Document Forgery
There are times that you might have to defend your facilities from opposing clubs or police raids. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

There are four different locations that you can choose from when it comes to document forgery. Here are the locations that you can purchase in GTA Online:

  • Grapeseed ($650,000)
  • Paleto Bay ($732,000)
  • Elysian Island ($975,000)
  • Textile City ($1,235,000)

With four offices to choose from, which one is the best for document forgery? The truth is, all the offices are the same in terms of what they do. That means whichever you pick, you will not be missing out.

Now our recommendation though is either in Grapeseed for the price or Textile City for the location. The Grapeseed location is not too far north where you will drive so far out of your way that you might miss out on missions, plus, the price is amazing.

The Textile City location though is right in the middle of the city, keeping you in the action. Choosing one that is closest to your clubhouse though works as well.

GTA Online Document Forgery Max Profit Payout

If you are wondering how much money you can make from document forgery, we are here to help. Here is a chart on your max potential profits with document forgery:

Upgrade Upgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell Local Sell Remote Profit per Hour
No Upgrade $0 $1000 $60000 $90000 $16000
Security Upgrade $285000 $1000 $60000 $90000 $16000
Equipment Upgrade $550000 $1200 $72000 $108000 $24500
Staff Upgrade $195000 $1200 $72000 $10800 $24500
Equipment/Staff Upgrade $745000 $1400 $84000 $126000 $38500
All Upgrades $1030000 $1400 $84000 $126000 $38500

If you are interested in max profits only, then you should not get security upgrades. Sure you will have to protect your forgery yourself more often, but you will break even faster.

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