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GTA Online Ghost Hunt Event Leaks & Rewards (October 2023)

Here is everything you need to know about the new Ghost Hunt event coming to GTA Online.
GTA Online Ghost Hunt Event Leaks & Rewards (October 2023)
12 October Update - The ghost hunt event has been added in the most recent GTA Online Weekly Update. The Halloween event is called "Ghosts Exposed" and you can find all the ghost locations in GTA Online in our dedicated guide.

Players can now check out the brand new San Andreas Mercenaries DLC for GTA Online. In the new DLC, there are a lot of different missions that players can take on top of some new content and new vehicles as well. Although there is a lot of stuff that players are checking out, some other people are looking deeper to see what Rockstar has hidden. GTA Online has a big community of data miners that looks into the files of GTA Online on a regular basis. Because of that, players have discovered a lot of upcoming content way ahead of when it is supposed to be released. It looks like there is new Halloween-themed content coming to GTA Online. More specifically, we are here to talk about the Ghost Hunt event coming to GTA Online.

What Is The Ghost Hunt Event Coming To GTA Online?

GTA Online Ghost Hunt Event
Players will have to find some ghosts hidden in GTA Online during the Ghost Hunt event. (Picture: Rockstar Games/@billsyliamgta on Twitter)

During Halloween events, players will have to perform some tasks to get some special Halloween-themed items in GTA Online. The Ghost Hunt event tasks you to take 10 pictures of ghosts in the game. On the 10th ghost, you will be tasked to take a picture of the ghost of Johnny Klebitz.

This new game mode was discovered by reliable data miner @WildBrick142 on Twitter. The Ghost Hunt event is actually pretty similar to the UFO Hunt event that happened in 2022 but seems to be a lot shorter this time around. Players will recieve a special livery for the Brigham after they completed the Ghost Hunt.

Who Is The Ghost Of Johnny Klebitz In GTA Online

GTA Online Ghost Hunt Event
Here is Johnny Klebitz with Trevor before he died. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

As we have previously stated, players will need to take pictures of 10 different ghosts to complete the ghost hunt event. The first 9 do not really speak or say anything but the 10th and final ghost does. They appear to be yelling out for Trevor, one of the main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. So who is Johnny Klebitz?

Johnny is actually a character that you meet during the campaign of GTA V. Before you control Trevor for the first time, Johnny is The Lost M.C. member that Trevor kills by stepping on his head repeatedly. Johnny was also a character featured in GTA IV. So this is a pretty fun easter egg for those who have played through GTA V to see in GTA Online.

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