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GTA Online Agency Guide: Income, Locations & Is It Worth It?

Learn how to maximize your income with Agencies in GTA Online, including the best Agency locations, perks, and more right here!
GTA Online Agency Guide: Income, Locations & Is It Worth It?

Venturing into the thrilling world of GTA Online? You must be wondering: What is an Agency, and how can I maximize its profits? If we guessed correctly, you've come to the right place! GTA Online, known for its vast universe of possibilities, has seen its popularity skyrocket with the introduction of Agency Offices.

Imagine leading audacious exploits like the Cayo Perico Heist or managing a Cocaine Lockup while pulling in up to $20,000 daily from your very own Agency! Intrigued? Good! This guide will break down everything about Agencies in GTA Online, including the best Agency location to buy and so much more.

Updated on 8 June 2023: We reworked this page and added a lot more details. When you're done reading this guide, you might want to check out our Action Figure Location guide!

What Is An Agency In GTA Online?

An Agency (or Celebrity Solution Agency) in GTA Online is a property introduced in The Contract DLC. It serves as the base of operations for new cooperative heist-style missions led by Franklin Clinton. As an Agency owner, you can engage in various activities like Security Contracts, generating passive income.

Owning an Agency also includes perks like vehicle services (including a place to equip Imani Tech upgrades like Missile Lock-on Jammer, Remote Control Unit, and Out of Sight Service), a shooting range, and a Wall Safe to store your earnings.

In short, the Agency is a major investment (it costs $2,010,000 - $2,830,000) but offers opportunities for lucrative ventures in Los Santos' criminal underworld. You can learn more about the different Agency locations in GTA Online below.

Where Are Agencies Located In GTA Online?

GTA Online agency locations
The Contract DLC has brought in Agencies and Security jobs for you to enjoy. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In GTA Online, there are four distinct Agency locations spread across Los Santos: Little Seoul, Vespucci Canals, Rockford Hills, and Hawick. These properties are up for grabs and can be purchased directly through the in-game Dynasty 8 Executive website. All Agencies are conveniently situated within city limits.

If you're a newcomer to the game, it pays to strategize: consider the locations of your other ventures when choosing your Agency. This foresight ensures smooth operations, reducing travel time between your business enterprises and enabling you to enjoy all the game content with efficiency and ease.

All GTA Online Agency Locations

Agency Office Price Location & Description Image
Little Seoul $2,010,000

Unnamed Building: Corner San Andreas Avenue and Palomino Avenue.

A bustling location, the perfect mix of nightlife, gang activity, and intriguing local color.

Vespucci Canals $2,145,000

Celltowa Building: Corner South Rockford Drive and San Andreas Avenue.

Embrace European glamour in a vibrant, canal-side location that's perfect for relaxing

Rockford Hills $2,415,000

Unnamed Building: Corner Marathon Avenue and Movie Star Way.

A location frequented by celebrities, it's a hotspot for wealthy complainers and potential opportunities

Hawick $2,830,000

Galileo House: Corner Spanish Avenue and Meteor Street.

A luxurious space that's a testament to unabashed commercialism, signaling you've made it big.


Does Agency Location Matter in GTA Online?

is there a best GTA Online agency location
Choosing your Agency will allow you to do Security Contracts in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Absolutely not! When it comes to GTA Online, there's no such thing as a "best Agency location." This means you have the freedom to choose any Agency you prefer without missing out on any exciting content or gameplay elements.

However, if you're on a budget or a savvy spender, the Little Seoul location might be your cup of tea. Being the least expensive Agency location, it lets you keep a cool $820,000 in your pocket. Otherwise, if it's strategic positioning you're after, the Hawick location stands out due to its convenient proximity to various mission points.

Is An Agency Worth It in GTA Online?

Yes! Buying an Agency in GTA Online is definitely worth it. It introduces new gameplay opportunities and offers a steady passive income source. By engaging in Security Contracts, you can rake in substantial daily profits. No matter which location you select, your criminal empire is destined to flourish in GTA Online!

And that's it! That covers all you need to know about setting up your Agency Offices. But don't stop here. Stick around and dive into our guide on how to access, manage, and significantly boost your earnings through the Agency Wall Safe. For a visual walkthrough, you might like to watch this YouTube video by GTAGentleman!

GTA Online Agency Guide: Income, Locations & Is It Worth It? FAQ

What is an Agency in GTA Online?

An Agency in GTA Online is a property that serves as your base of operations for cooperative heist missions and generates passive income through contract missions and Security Contracts.

Where can I find Agencies in GTA Online?

Agencies can be found in four locations: Little Seoul, Vespucci Canals, Rockford Hills, and Hawick. They can be purchased through the in-game Dynasty 8 Executive website.

Is owning an Agency worth it in GTA Online?

Yes, owning an Agency in GTA Online is worth it. It offers a steady passive income source through Security Contracts, allowing you to flourish in the criminal underworld of Los Santos.

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