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GTA Online Treasure Hunt Locations: How To Unlock Double-Action Revolver

Embark on an exciting GTA Online Treasure Hunt with our step-by-step guide on how to unlock the Double-Action Revolver!
GTA Online Treasure Hunt Locations: How To Unlock Double-Action Revolver

Looking for the ultimate GTA Online Treasure Hunt location guide? Or perhaps you want to get your hands on the coveted Double-Action Revolver? Either way, you've struck gold! Introduced in the Doomsday Heist update, players can unlock this hidden weapon by participating in the GTA Treasure Hunt, with locations spanning the vast plains of Los Santos.

Interestingly, the Double-Action Revolver in GTA was added as a nod to the famed Red Dead Redemption 2 video game by Rockstar Games. So, it should be no surprise that many players want to unlock it. But don't worry because we're to help. Here are all the Treasure Hunt locations and how to get the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online.

How To Start The GTA Online Treasure Hunt

The journey to the Double-Action Revolver begins with an unexpected cryptic email from [email protected]. The sender, a nod to the infamous Van der Linde gang (or "Dutch's boys") from Red Dead Redemption 2, will toss you your first clue. So keep a close eye on your iFruit device for this all-important email.

This clue comes as a black-and-white picture featuring a location somewhere in the vast expanse of Los Santos. Intriguingly, this part of the Treasure Hunt is randomized, meaning every player will receive a unique starting point for their adventure. 

Note: If you log off or exit Online Mode after starting the GTA Treasure Hunt, the mission resets. When you return to Free Mode, a new clue and location will await you, regardless of your previous progress. This ever-changing dynamic adds a layer of unpredictability and excitement to the Treasure Hunt, making the acquisition of the Double-Action Revolver all the more rewarding.

All GTA Treasure Hunt Clue Locations (With Pictures)

gta online treasure hunt locations pictures

There are a staggering 20 GTA Treasure Hunt locations across Los Santos, each one random, ensuring your journey is unique to you. These potential locations include:

  • Marlowe Vineyards
  • Catfish View Mountaintop
  • Two Hoots Falls
  • Tataviam Mountains
  • Senora National Park
  • Raton Canyon
  • Palomino Highlands
  • Procopio Promenade Paleto Bay
  • Hill Valley Church Graveyard
  • Sandy Shores Airfield
  • Los Santos Golf Club
  • Del Perro Pier
  • Hill Valley Church
  • Above Beam Me Up
  • Cape Catfish Jetty
  • Arthur's Pass Trails
  • Alamo Sea
  • Abandoned Mine
  • Mount Chiliad
  • Cassidy Creek

Accompanying your email is a distinctive black and white photo, paying tribute to the stylistic aesthetics of Red Dead Redemption 2. Use this snapshot, coupled with a mini-map hint, to pinpoint your clue's location within the landscape of GTA Online.

If you're struggling to locate the first clue, don't worry. We've compiled a gallery of images to guide you. Scroll down to compare the picture in your email with the detailed photos in our table below and get one step closer to unlocking the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online.

Treasure Hunt Location Treasure Hunt Location Picture

Marlowe Vineyards

Catfish View  marlowe_vineyards
Two Hoots Falls two_hoots_falls
Tataviam Mountains tataviam_mountains
Senora National Park senora_national_park_rocks
Raton Canyon raton_canyon
Palomino Highlands highlands
Procopio Promenade procopio_promenade
Hill Valley Church Graveyard hill_valley_church
Sandy Shores Airfield sandy_shores_airfield
Los Santos Golf Club golf
Del Perro Pier del_perro
Hill Valley Church hill_valley
Senora National Park (Beam Me Up) senora_national_park
Cape Catfish cape_catfish
Arthur's Pass Trails chaparral
Alamo Sea Marina alamo
Abandoned Mine abandoned_mine
Mount Chiliad Map mount_chilliad
Cassidy Creek cassidy

How To Complete The Treasure Hunt In GTA Online

After successfully unraveling the first clue, your GTA Online Treasure Hunt journey takes an exciting twist. You will receive prompts on your map, leading you to three distinct locations: the hidden cave in Tongva Hills, the sandy expanse of Sandy Shores Beach, and the quiet Joad Lane Tree.

These aren't random spots but fixed locations that play an integral part in your GTA Treasure Hunt adventure. As you venture into each of these places, you inch closer to your ultimate prize - the Double-Action Revolver. Upon reaching the trio of locations, expect another email guiding you to the final destination.

Where To Find Double-Action Revolver In GTA Online

gta online double action revolver location

The Double-Action Revolver can be found on Mount Chiliad. Follow the prompt on your mini-map, and you will arrive at a grim scene featuring a treasure box amidst two lifeless bodies. The Double-Action Revolver is inside the treasure box.

Upon completing the GTA Treasure Hunt challenge, you will unlock the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online. Note that the weapon is available at any Ammu-Nation, where you'll find the revolver ready for pick-up. The only cost you'll encounter is the ammunition, with 12 rounds setting you back $28.

In addition, you will also unlock the Headshot Challenge, requiring you to get 50 headshots (on NPCs or players) with the newly unlocked gun. You will receive GTA$250,000 and unlock the Double-Action Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2 as a reward. However, you must first link your Rockstar Games Social Club account.

What Is The Double-Action Revolver In GTA Online?

double action revolver gta

Manufactured by D. D. Packenbush, the Double-Action Revolver is a truly unique weapon in the game. Modeled after the classic Colt M1892, it comes gold-plated and adorned with subtle floral engravings. The ivory-like grip adds to its elegance and features the inscriptions "D.D.P" and "Repeating Arms Co.," yet another nod to Red Dead Redemption.

Performance-wise, the revolver stands out with its high damage point per shot - 81, to be precise. This ranks it among the most potent handguns in the game, second only to the Navy Revolver, Heavy Revolver, its Mk II variant, and the Marksman Pistol.

Adding to its unique characteristics is a special animation when the player puts away the Double-Action Revolver on foot - a smooth finger spin and a placement into an imaginary hip holster. It's these little details that make the Double-Action Revolver a true standout in GTA Online.

And that's everything you need to know about the GTA Treasure Hunt and Double-Action Revolver. We want to extend a special thank you to the dedicated contributors at GTA Fandom and the creators behind GTA Series Videos on YouTube. Their meticulous research, comprehensive guides, and insightful walkthroughs have significantly contributed to this Treasure Hunt guide.

GTA Online Treasure Hunt Locations: How To Unlock Double-Action Revolver FAQ

How do I start the GTA Online Treasure Hunt?

To start the GTA Online Treasure Hunt, look out for a cryptic email from [email protected] on your iFruit device. This email will contain your first clue, leading you to a randomized starting location for the treasure hunt.

Where can I find the final clue locations in the GTA Online Treasure Hunt?

The final three clue locations in the GTA Online Treasure Hunt are in Tongva Hills, Sandy Shores Beach, and the Joad Lane Tree.

Where can I find the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online?

The Double-Action Revolver can be found on Mount Chiliad. Follow the prompts on your mini-map to reach the treasure box, which contains the revolver. After completing the treasure hunt, the weapon will be available for pickup at any Ammu-Nation.

What is the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online?

The Double-Action Revolver is a unique weapon in GTA Online, modeled after the Colt M1892. It features a gold-plated finish, floral engravings, and an ivory-like grip. With high damage per shot and special animations, it is a standout handgun in the game.

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