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GTA Online Prison Break Heist Payout and Is It Worth It

Here, we go over whether it is worth doing the prison break in GTA online and how much you would expect to get paid for this job.
GTA Online Prison Break Heist Payout and Is It Worth It

GTA Online is all about breaking into crazy places, finding something, and getting paid. There are plenty of banks and different facilities that you break into in GTA Online that have an obvious payout. But what about breaking into a prison? What does that offer you?

That is what we are here to discuss. Here, we go over if it is worth your time breaking into the prison in GTA Online and what kind of payout you can expect to get from it. Is this a heist that you would want to repeat or is this another one-and-done situation like the Fleeca.

Is The Prison Break Heist Worth Doing?

GTA Online Prison Break
This prison bus will be important for your prison break heist in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The fact of the matter is that there are two answers to this question. The Prison Break is one of the many heists designed by Rockstar to give you rewards and entertainment. One of the main functions of the Prison Break is to progress the story of GTA Online.

There are many different heists in GTA Online that are unlocked with the completion of the Prison Break Heist. To put it simply, without completing the prison break heist, you are locked out of content in GTA Online. So in that sense, yes, it is worth doing the prison break.

However, it is arguably not worth repeating. Sure the story is nice but the rewards are lackluster at best. The payout you get for the prison break is minimal and this is even with the boosted income you get with The Criminal Enterprises update.

What Is The Payout For The Prison Break Heist In GTA Online?

GTA Online Prison Break
Your final escape from the prison break will be using a Buzzard Attack Helicopter. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Although it is not the most amount of money in the world, you will still get a decent amount of money for completing the prison break in GTA Online. Down below is a list of payments you can expect to get for completing the heist:

  • Easy Mode - $350,000
  • Normal Mode - $700,000
  • Hard Mode - $875,000

As you can see, easy mode is hardly worth doing at all. You will want to at least complete the heist on normal mode to make a decent amount of money. Hard mode is hardly a bonus either but it is still more money.

As you can see, the money you will get from the prison break is not fantastic. But it is still worth doing for heist progression and to unlock more content in GTA Online.

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