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Where To Find Peyote Plant Locations In GTA Online

Where are the Peyote Plants located in GTA Online? Here's where you should look.
Where To Find Peyote Plant Locations In GTA Online

Update - The GTA Online Weekly Update has gone live and Peyote Plants have returned until November 23.

The Peyote Plants in GTA 5 might just be one of the game's most interesting items, as they allow players to turn into a random animal when consumed. The effects are powerful and psychoactive, even letting the player take on the animal's powers for a little while.

These Peyote Plants are also quite rare, since they are not available all year round. Instead, Rockstar Games will introduce them for limited periods and event weeks.

Peyote Plants Locations

Peyote Plants are fairly abundant throughout the game. In fact there are well over 76 peyote plants you can find.

The map below - gosunoob - shows the locations of every Peyote Plant location in GTA Online:

peyote plant locations
You can find the locations of Peyote Plants around GTA Online with the help of a map. (Picture: Gosunoob/Srdjan Stanarevic)

Peyote Plant Tips

If you're wondering whether you're heading in the right direction, your controller will help you as it will begin to vibrate when you start to approach a Peyote Plant.

Additionally, when you're near the Peyote Plant you should start to hear animal sounds too, which correspond to the should animal you will change into.

How To End Peyote Plant Hallucination

If you're tired of the effects of the Peyote Plant then you can press 'E' on PC to immediately end the hallucination. Alternatively, if you die it will also stop the hallucination, and you'll come back as the human version of yourself.

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