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GTA Online Clone Slasher Locations & How To Start

The Slashers Halloween Event is back, but this time there's more to be scared of than ever before. Check out our guide for the 2022 Clone Slasher event!
GTA Online Clone Slasher Locations & How To Start
Rockstar Games
NOTE - In spite of Rockstar releasing plenty of Halloween themed content in October 2023, the Clone Slasher event has not (yet) returned to the game. There's still two more event weeks in October, so could still be added in a future GTA Online Weekly Update.

Original Story Follows - The GTA Online Slashers Event from last year is back again for this Halloween season. Players will remember the original event had you facing off against four terrifying enemies inspired by classic horror slasher movies. 

However, this year's Slasher event puts a twist on the original, including one more enemy for you to take down. In this article, we'll cover how to get started with the Clone Slasher event and how to find this new enemy. 

How To Start The Clone Slasher Event

Much like last year's Halloween Slasher event in GTA Online, the requirements necessary to start the Clone Slasher event are identical. You must complete the following steps, or the event will not occur. 

  • You must be playing in Free Roam mode. 
  • You must be outside (as opposed to inside a building).
  • It must be between 9 pm and 5 am (in-game night time). 
  • You must be walking or in a standard vehicle (no boats, helicopters, planes, etc.)
  • You must have been playing the game for at least 16 minutes or 8 in-game hours. 

Once these criteria have all been met, you will need to head to one of the Slashers' spawning locations. These areas span a wide area, but you can find each Slasher around the following places.

  • The Clown: South Los Santos.
  • The Driver: Redwood Lights Racetrack / Maze Bank Arena.
  • Psycho: Richman / Banham Canyon / Harmony.
  • Sack Slasher: Alamo Sea to Grapeseed. 

Once you find one of these Slashers and defeat them, you will be eligible to receive the Twilight Knife T-Shirt item. This will be distributed to all players who defeated at least one Slasher by November 1. 

This year, however, each Slasher has a 50% chance to be a mirror/clone version of the player. This doppelganger will be the same likeness as the player, but with bloody hands and wielding a knife or a torch.

Clone Slasher Event
The real Slasher was you all along! (Picture: Rockstar Games / GTA Series Videos)

Like the other Slashers, this clone is incredibly powerful and very durable. It will take several hits to take it down, but if it administers two or three hits on you, you'll likely be wasted.

The rewards for taking out the evil twin are the same as defeating any regular Slasher. 

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