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All GTA Online Snowmen Locations: Map, List and Rewards

If you want the latest details about the collectible snowmen in GTA Online, we have all the information you are looking for.
All GTA Online Snowmen Locations: Map, List and Rewards

It is just about time for the next big GTA Online update. Rockstar has shown information that they are going to release a new DLC update for the game as part of their Winter Update, called the Los Santos Drug Wars. This will be a big update with many new things for players to do in the game.

Thankfully, we do not have to wait too long for information to come out of the woodwork. Dataminers have already leaked that there will be a new collectible for players to find in GTA Online once this DLC drops. These collectibles are snowmen and we will go over everything we know so you're prepared to find these snowy figures across Los Santos.

Latest News

12 January 2023 - Snowmen Collectibles Removed In Latest Weekly Update

With the GTA Online Festive Surprise event coming to an end for another year, The Gooch and Snowman Collectables have been removed from GTA Online. 

It means you can no longer unlock the Snowman Outfit, but it may return once again in December 2023.

5 January 2023 - One last week to find those Snowmen

As per Rockstar Games, players have one last week to make the most of the Festive Surprise content.

  • Take out The Gooch to receive the Gooch Mask
  • Destroy all 25 Snowmen during the Festive Surprise event to receive the Snowman Outfit
  • Take out your target atop Weazel Plaza to receive the WM 29 Pistol and the Season’s Greetings Finish for the Pistol Mk II
22 December 2022 - Snowmen are live in GTA Online

The new GTA Online Weekly Update has arrived and it includes the addition of the new Snowmen collectibles. Further down is a list of where to find all 25 Snowmen in GTA Online.

December 14 - Snowmen Collectibles & Reward Revealed

Though they're not live in the game just yet, we do have several leaks which has revealed how the Snowmen collectibles will work and the rewards on offer. 

For starters, it looks like there will be 25 Snowmen collectibles to find during an upcoming Christmas event. Players will need to destroy them - either by ramming with a car or blowing them up - and earn 1000 RP and $5000 for each snowmen that are destroyed.

Find and destroy all 25 Snowmen and you'll earn a $125,000 Bonus and the Snowman outfit added to your wardrobe (seen below)

GTA Online Snowman Outfit
Credit: @WildBrick142 on Twitter
13 December 2022 - Los Santos Drug Wars is live - But there are no snowmen

The new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC is live, but snowmen are yet to be added. It's possible they won't go live until closer to the Festive Surprise event, which normally starts around Christmas. This would likely be similar to how Jack O'Lanterns were held back until closer to Halloween. We'll update this page again once more details are available.

What Are The Snowmen Collectibles In GTA Online?

GTA Online Snowman Outfit
Find and destroy all 25 Snowmen collectibles in GTA Online to earn this Snowman outfit

GTA Online has had a lot of updates during its lifespan with a lot of activities to keep players busy. For example, during the Halloween update, players could find collectible Jack O' Lanterns throughout Los Santos. In past updates, there has been a similar collectible for players to find in GTA Online including playing cards, Radio Antennas, Figurines and plenty more.

The Snowmen are likely in the same vein as these previous collectibles. Rockstar is releasing a big new update and players will have to find all the Snowmen across the map.

When players find all the Snowmen in GTA Online, they will likely get some clothing, XP or similar reward for doing so. We will update this page once we know more about the rewards so check back here for more information once the Los Santos Drug Wars has gone live.

All Snowmen Locations In GTA Online

  • Snowman Location 1: Chamberlain Hills
  • Snowman Location 2: Aguja St (Vespucci Canals)
  • Snowman Location 3: El Burro Heights
  • Snowman Location 4: Vespucci Canals
  • Snowman Location 5: Mirror Park
  • Snowman Location 6: Legion Square
  • Snowman Location 7: Hawick
  • Snowman Location 8: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 9: Mirror Park
  • Snowman Location 10: Banham Canyon (Great Ocean Highway)
  • Snowman Location 11: Rockford Hills
  • Snowman Location 12: Banham Canyon
  • Snowman Location 13: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 14: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 15: Tongva Valley
  • Snowman Location 16: Sandy Shores
  • Snowman Location 17: Grand Senora Desert
  • Snowman Location 18: Grapeseed
  • Snowman Location 19: Mount Gordo
  • Snowman Location 20: Mount Chiliad (Great Ocean Highway)
  • Snowman Location 21: Grand Senora Desert
  • Snowman Location 22: Paleto Bay
  • Snowman Location 23: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Snowman Location 24: Ron Alternates Wind Farm
  • Snowman Location 25: Grand Senora Desert

GTA Online Snowman Locations On A Map

If you would prefer a map to work from in order to track down all 25 Snowman locations in GTA Online. Don't worry, we've got a map to help you out! Alternatively, visit the interactive map on GTA Web, where you can quite literally tick off the collectibles as you find them. 

GTA Online Snowman Locations On A Map
Use this map to help track down all 25 Snowman Locations in GTA Online

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