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All GTA Online Snowmen Map Locations and Rewards

If you want the latest details about the collectible snowmen in GTA Online, we have all the information you are looking for.
All GTA Online Snowmen Map Locations and Rewards
Rockstar Games

2023 Update - Snowman collectible have returned for 2023, going live with the GTA Online Weekly Update on December 21. Below is everything you need to know to find these snowy figures across Los Santos.

What Are The Snowmen Collectibles In GTA Online

GTA Online is full of collectibles for players to find all year round, but some are only available during special holiday events, such as collectible Jack O' Lanterns during Halloween. At Christmas time, during GTA Online's Festive Surprise, players can track down Snowmen throughout Southern San Andreas to earn GTA$ and RP for each one you destroy.

How To Find Snowmen in GTA Online

You'll know you're near one of the snowmen collectibles as you should start to hear the jingle of sleigh bells to indicate when one is nearby.

Rewards For Destroying Snowmen In GTA Online

Players will earn $5,000 and 1,000RP for each snowman they destroy. If you manage to locate and eradicate all 25 snowmen on the map, you'll earn an extra $125,000 and unlock the Snowman Outfit (seen below).

All Snowmen Locations In GTA Online

  • Snowman Location 1: Chamberlain Hills
  • Snowman Location 2: Aguja St (Vespucci Canals)
  • Snowman Location 3: El Burro Heights
  • Snowman Location 4: Vespucci Canals
  • Snowman Location 5: Mirror Park
  • Snowman Location 6: Legion Square
  • Snowman Location 7: Hawick
  • Snowman Location 8: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 9: Mirror Park
  • Snowman Location 10: Banham Canyon (Great Ocean Highway)
  • Snowman Location 11: Rockford Hills
  • Snowman Location 12: Banham Canyon
  • Snowman Location 13: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 14: Vinewood Hills
  • Snowman Location 15: Tongva Valley
  • Snowman Location 16: Sandy Shores
  • Snowman Location 17: Grand Senora Desert
  • Snowman Location 18: Grapeseed
  • Snowman Location 19: Mount Gordo
  • Snowman Location 20: Mount Chiliad (Great Ocean Highway)
  • Snowman Location 21: Grand Senora Desert
  • Snowman Location 22: Paleto Bay
  • Snowman Location 23: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Snowman Location 24: Ron Alternates Wind Farm
  • Snowman Location 25: Grand Senora Desert

GTA Online Snowman Locations On A Map

If you would prefer a map to work from to track down all 25 Snowman locations in GTA Online. Don't worry, we've got a map to help you out! Alternatively, visit the interactive map on GTA Web, where you can tick off the collectibles as you find them. 

GTA Online Snowman Locations On A Map
Use this map to help track down all 25 Snowman Locations in GTA Online

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