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GTA Online LD Organics Map Locations

If you are collecting LD Organics baggies in GTA Online, we have the perfect guide to help you in that venture.
GTA Online LD Organics Map Locations

GTA Online is packed filled with content for anyone to enjoy. There are treasure hunts and other missions that are in the game. There are a lot of collectible items in the game as well that will yield you various rewards.

One of the items that you can collect is LD Organics weed bags. The LD Organics is a new feature brought in by the Criminal Enterprises update that Rockstar released. Lamar is back and he has a new cannabis venture that he wants to start up but there is a problem. His shipment of flowers got lost and he needs your help to find the bags.

Finding these baggies all over the map will yield you some very nice rewards. So if you want to do another scavenger hunt, we will teach you all about it here.

Where Are All The LD Organics Located?

GTAO LD Organics
This map has the locations of all the LD Organics that you can find on the map. (Picture: Turtlebeach.com)

100 LD Organics bags are missing in the game. You are tasked with finding these baggies. The locations of each LD Organics baggie can be seen on the map above.

What you are looking for is a small white bag in these locations. Once you find a bag, you will get a reward of $1000 and 1000RP for each bag.

Since the bags are located all over the map, using a helicopter is advised. We also suggest you enter a private session or turn on passive mode if you want to complete the hunt undisturbed.

What Do I Get For Getting All 100 LD Organics?

GTA Online LD Organics
Here is what one of the LD Organics bags looks like in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The reward is pretty simple but it is proof of progression. If you get all 100 bags, you will get $50,000, a white LD Organics Tee, and a black LD Organics cap.

So if you want these items, it is time to get hunting. Plus the easy money and RP you get when you collect each bag are also nice.

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