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GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Payout and Is It Worth It?

The Series A heist has you stealing and selling a lot of drugs, but is it worth your time to complete these missions?
GTA Online Series A Funding Heist Payout and Is It Worth It?

In GTA Online, you are going to steal a lot of things in the game for profit. After all, it is the very nature of the game to do such things. One of the heists is known as the Series A mission. Here, you are working with Trevor and Ron to collect as many drugs as you can to make one big sale. This is definitely different from starting your own cocaine drug operation.

But is the Series A heist worth doing? Here, we go over why you might want to do this heist despite it not being a bank or other facility. Plus, we will go over how much money you should expect at the very end.

Is The Series A Funding Heist Worth Doing?

GTA Online Trevor Series A Funding
Here is Trevor trying to make the final drug deal so he can get paid in the end as well. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Overall, the Series A Funding heist is worth doing. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to do this heist. The first and foremost is progression. When you complete this heist, you will unlock the ability to do the Pacific Standard job in GTA Online. This is the biggest original heist in the game.

Secondly, the payout you get from the Series A Funding heist is actually not too bad. If you are down a lot of cash in GTA Online, completing this heist would put you back on your feet. You just have to be aware of the cuts that would happen for this job between players.

What Is The Payout For The Series A Funding Heist?

GTA Online Series A Funding
The Technical is a pickup truck with a mounted minigun on it. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Of course, one of the most important things you will need to know is exactly how much you will get paid. Here are the takes you will get for completing this job:

  • $353,500 - Easy Mode
  • $707,000 - Normal Mode
  • $883,750 - Hard Mode

As you can see, doing it in easy mode is not worth it. But completing the heist on either hard or normal mode is worth your time. This is thanks to the recent Criminal Enterprises update launched by Rockstar. This update increased the payment for the original heists by quite a bit.

Just remember that you will have to split the take with the other players in your group. On top of the money, you will also get reduced prices for two vehicles: the Technical and the Mule. Both are useful for heists so it is worth having them. And at the end, the Pacific Standard Job will become available. So if not even to get paid, do this heist for the sake of getting a big bank job to do afterward.

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