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All GTA Online UFO Locations: 2022 Halloween Event

It is time for the UFO event 2022 and this time, there are rewards for you to collect in GTA Online.
All GTA Online UFO Locations: 2022 Halloween Event
NOTE - The GTA Online UFOs have returned in 2023, but the locations have changed. Follow the link for all the details.

The Halloween events in GTA Online are underway and there is plenty for you to do. One event is making its return and it is the UFO event.

UFOs are appearing all over GTA Online and it is time for you to take some pictures. Here, we go over where you need to go to find these UFOs and what kind of rewards you will get for your participation.

What Is The GTA Online UFO Event in 2022?

GTA Online Rockstar Games Halloween Event
Rockstar Games is hitting GTA Online with a lot of different Halloween events this year. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The UFO event is part of the overall Halloween event in GTA Online. UFOs are in the city and it is up to you to take photographic evidence of this happening.

In prior years, UFOs has appeared in Los Santos during this time, but there was no reward for this. Now that has changed. If you take a picture of a UFO with your Snapomatic camera, you will get $15,000 and 1,000 RP for this.

If you successfully take a picture of all 25 UFOs in the game, you will be rewarded with a "Believe" hat. On the last day, if you ended up actually being abducted by the aliens, you will come back with UFO boxers.

Where Can I Find The UFOs In GTA Online 2022? (UFO Locations)

GTA Online UFO
Take a look at how the UFOs actually looks like in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games/ GTA Series Videos YouTube Channel)

There are multiple locations where you can end up finding a UFO in GTA Online. Thanks to data miners, we already know ALL the UFO locations you need to go to so you can take a picture of the UFOs.

Just remember that the UFOs only appear from 10pm to 4am in-game time.

In the table below we've put in bold the UFO location for today (30 October) and will update it daily so you know where to look.

Day UFO Location

Paleto Bay Peninsula

2 Above Sunken UFO In Paleto
3 Mount Chiliad
4 El Gordo Lighthouse
5 Altruist Camp
6 Silent Probe Mountain
7 Satellite Relay Station
8 Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
9 Shack and Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
10 Patriot House
11 Farm
12 Palar-Taylor Power Station
13 Paleto Area
14 Altruist Camp and Zancudo
15 East Blaine County
16 Kortz Center, Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Sign, Land Act Dam, and NOOSE Headquarters
17 All over city of Los Santos

If you want a more detailed look at where exactly to find the UFOs, check out this video by GTA Series Videos (below) for more details.

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