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GTA Online Vinewood Car Club (September 2023): Location, Cars, Reset Times & Rewards

Rockstar is adding the Vinewood Car Club for GTA+ members and we have all the information you need about it.
GTA Online Vinewood Car Club (September 2023): Location, Cars, Reset Times & Rewards
Rockstar Games

GTA Online is about to go through some major changes. On June 13th, the brand new San Andreas Mercenaries DLC will launch. The announcement for the DLC seemingly came out of nowhere and it is looking like it will be one of the most promising DLC launches in a while. There is a lot of new content coming to GTA Online.

From missions to new vehicles, players have a lot to look forward to. One thing that some players were wondering is what will extra benefits GTA+ members will get. Well, it looks like we finally have that answer. GTA+ members will get access to the brand-new Vinewood Car Club. Here, we will go over what exactly the Vinewood Car Club is and everything you need to know.

14 September 2023 - We've updated this page with the latest news, leaks and information.

What Is The Vinewood Car Club In GTA Online?

In a recent news post, Rockstar Games gave fans a lot of details about the new Vinewood Car Club. From what Rockstar has said, this will bring a lot of benefits for those who subscribe using GTA+. 

The Vinewood Car Club will have a rotating vehicle selection for players to look at. Players can rent out the cars from the Vinewood Car Club to test drive them to see if they like them. Then, members will actually have the ability to pay for the cars outright. On top of that, they will receive a 20% discount on the value of the car when they make the purchase.

How To Access The Vinewood Car Club

For those who do not know, GTA+ is a monthly membership that is available for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players can sign up for. With GTA+ these players will get weekly and monthly rotating rewards. They will also get exclusive access to some of the content that GTA Online has which will not include the Vinewood Car Club. From the details given to us, players will get good discounts on very wanted cars in GTA Online. On top of that, the car selection will rotate on a monthly basis. Players will also be able to claim The Vinewood Club Reward Vehicle for free every month. Looks like GTA Online car enthusiasts might want to consider being part of the Vinewood Car Club.

GTA Online Vinewood Car Club
The Vinewood Car Club is a new club exclusive for GTA+ members in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Is Vinewood Car Club Available on PC?

At the time of writing the Vinewood car club is a premium service only available to players with a GTA+ membership in Grand Theft Auto Online, which is only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. So no, for the time being, the Vinewood Car Club is not available on PC.

Vinewood Car Club Location

The Vinewood Car Club is located at an industrial warehouse on Elysian Island. From what has been said by Rockstar, both members and non-members can visit this location, however, only GTA+ members will be able to make use of the benefits. 

What Cars Are Available in Vinewood Car Club Garage This Month?

Below is a list of the current cars available to test drive and purchase from the Vinewood Car Club as of the most recent update on 14 September 2023:

Vehicle Price Price After Discount
Bravado Hotring Hellfire $1,810,000 FREE With GTA+
Imponte Deluxo $5,750,000 $4,600,000
Pegassi Oppressor


$2,089,329 (Trade Price)


$1,671,464 (Trade Price)

Benefactor Krieger $2,898,370 $2,318,696
Karin S95 $2,013,240 $1,610,592
Överflöd Entity MT $2,377,800 $1,902,240
Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio $1,819,800 $1,445,840
Declasse Granger 3600LX $2,023,939 $1,619,152
Coil Raiden $1,375,000 $1,100,000
Enus Paragon R $928,939 $743,152

When Does The GTA Vinewood Car Club Reset

The expectation is that the Vinewood Car Club content will rotate each month along with the release of the new monthly GTA+ rewards. With this in mind, we anticipate that the next Vinewood Car Club reset will take place on 12 October 2023. You can see how long you have to wait on the countdown clock below:

Next Vinewood Car Club Content Reset
27 days, 16:03:42
GTA Online Vinewood Car Club
The Vinewood Car Club members will be able to enjoy a wide rotating selection of cars. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Previous Monthly Garage Cars

The cars listed on the drop downs below represent the cars that were previously available through the Vinewood Car Club in the past months. These cars could be included again in the future, but at least you have a record of what cars you might have missed out on before.

Vinewood Car Club in August 2023

These cars were available from 14 August to September 14:

Car Price Price After Discount
Annis Apocalypse ZR380 $2,179,680 Free
Bravado Buffalo EVX $2,158,240 $1,726,592
Benefactor LM87 $2,935,520 $2,348,416
Lampadati Corsita $1,821,220 $1,456,976
Weeny Issi Rally $1854,380 $1,483,504
Maxwell Asbo $427,380 $341,904
Overflod Imorgon $2,191,789 $1,753,432
Emperor ETR1 $1,995,00 $1,596,000
Ubermacht SC1 $1,603,000 $1,282,400
Obey Eomnis e-GT $1,813,240 $1,450,592
Vinewood Car Club in July 2023

These cars were available from 20 July to 14 August:

Car Price Price After Discount
Penaud La Coureuse $1,990,000 Free
Declasse Walton L35 $1,696,220 $1,356,976
Vapid Clique Wagon $1,228,940 $983,152
Coil Cyclone II $2,273,940 $1,819,152
Imponte Arbiter GT $1,603,940 $1,283,152
Karin Sultan RS Classic $1,789,000 $1,431,200
Grotti Furia $2,765,080 $2,212,064
Pegassi Toreador $4,250,000 $3,400,000
Ocelot Locust $1,649,510 $1,319,608
Dewbauchee Champion $3,775,080 $3,020,064


Vinewood Car Club in June 2023

These cars were available from 13 June to 20 July:

Car Price Price After Discount
Maibatsu MonstroCiti $1,485,000 Free
Declasse Vigero ZX $1,947,000 $1,573,104
Principe Deveste Eight $1,795,000 $1,454,696
Übermacht Cypher $1,550,000 $1,240,000
Benefactor Stirling GT $975,000 $805,080
Canis Seminole Frontier $678,000 $542,400
Shitzu Hakuchou Drag $976,000 $802,232
Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT $2,380,000 $1,904,000
Annis RE-7B $2,475,000 $2,007,360
Vapid Ratel $1,873,000 $1,517,552


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