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GTA Online Street Dealer Map Location Today (April 2024)

Where are the street dealers today and what are they selling?
GTA Online Street Dealer Map Location Today (April 2024)

Where Are The GTA Street Dealers On 16 April 2024?

What are the Street Dealer locations in GTA Online today? To cut the chase, here is a list of all three Street Dealer locations on 16 April, as well as the premium drug type they're selling today, and what prices they're selling for:

Street Dealer


Premium Drug Price

Dealer 1 Pleasure Pier, between Sea Word Souvenirs and Hung Drawn & Quarters Meth - $17300
Dealer 2 With a Paddle White Water Activity Center
Tongva Valley
Meth - $17600
Dealer 3 Foreclosed North Alamo Pier, Alamo Sea Weed - $3120

We imagine that the location of the street dealers today isn't the only question you want answered. So keep reading if you're wondering how these new street dealers work, what prices they sell their drugs, and a handy list of all street dealer locations in Los Santos.

GTA Online Street Dealers Explained

Street Dealers joined the game following the release of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. You'll find them hanging out on seedy corners, making hand-to-hand exchanges, changing locations daily, and paying premiums according to market supply. Remarkably, this is also a feature similar to that of the Drug Dealing feature used in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. 

What Time Do Street Dealer Locations Reset

Normally Street Dealers will change location every day at 07:00 UTC. To make things simple, take a look at the countdown clock below to know when they'll next change over:

Time Until Street Dealers Next Reset

How To Use Street Dealers In GTA Online

Every day three random street dealers will spawn in different locations across GTA Online. You can find them marked on the map with a speech bubble symbol.

Players can then talk to each dealer and offer to sell them drugs from the products you make at any businesses you own. So if you own a Motorcycle ClubNightclub, or Acid Lab, you'll have product to shift. If you don't own these businesses you won't be able to sell that particular product.

Street dealers will buy from you:

In addition, everyday street dealers have a drug of choice that they will offer a premium price for according to market supply. This means that each day, each of the three dealers will have a higher payout on one particular type of drug product. If a player has sold the maximum quantity of all four drug types to a dealer, their map icon will turn gray.

Street Dealers Payouts Explained

The price players can make on selling drugs to street dealers will vary based on several factors.

First there's a 'range' of prices you can sell each unit, then it depends on how many units you're selling. Finally, the price might increase if that drug is the 'premium' drug of the day.

The table below reflects the 'rough' payouts players can expect to see when selling to street dealers in GTA Online:

Product Minimum Maximum Average Units Average
Cocaine $19,000 $21,000 $20,000 1 $20,000 15%
Meth $8,250 $9,250 $8,750 2 $17,500 20%
Weed $1,400 $1,600 $1,500 10 $15,000 30%
Acid $1,385 $1,585 $1,485 10 $14,850 35%

All Street Dealer Locations

Street Dealers have the potential to spawn pretty much anywhere across the map.

As mentioned, there are 30 possible spawn locations for street dealers in the game, and they change every day following the daily reset.

If it's anything like the GTA Online Gun Van, GTA+ members should notice new location spawn around 06:00 UTC, while all other players will not see it until after 07:00 UTC.

All known Street Dealer locations in GTA Online can be found, just below:

Street Dealer Street Dealer Location Description Dealer Gang
1 Behind Raven Slaughterhouse, Cypress Flats Vagos
2 Trailer outside Thomson Scrapyard, by Grand Senora Desert Hippies
3 House north of the corner of Route 68 Approach and Joshua Road Harmony Rednecks
4 Vitrus Street, Behind Papa Surf on Vespucci Beach Armenian Mob
5 BJ Smith Recreational Center
Chamberlain Hills
The Families
6 Ray-n-Mays Up-n-Atom Burger Diner
Procopio Truck Stop, Mount Chiliad
The Lost MC
7 Sandy's Gas Station, Sandy Shores Rednecks
8 Eastern Motel, Harmony Rednecks
9 Decker Park, Little Seoul Kkangpae
10 Benefactor-Gallivanter Dealership
Downtown Vinewood
Street Racers
11 Bilingsgate Motel, Rancho The Families
12 Foreclosed North Alamo Pier, Alamo Sea Rednecks
13 Service Bay, West side of Rockford Plaza in Burton Kkangpae
14 Car park at Maze Bank Arena, Davis Street Punks

Alleyway between Wup et Dux and 
Luxury Autos Rockford Hills

16 Palmer-Taylor Power Station Madrazo Cartel
17 RON and 24/7 Lago Zancudo Street Punks
18 La Mesa - Behind Ammu-Nation on Poplar Street Vagos
19 Pleasure Pier, between Sea Word Souvenirs and Hung Drawn & Quarters Street Punks
20 Above Cool Beans Coffee House in Mirror Park The Lost MC
21 Grapeseed, Behind Park View Diner The Lost MC
22 South Seas Apartments, Paleto Bay Street Punks
23 With a Paddle White Water Activity Center
Tongva Valley
Street Punks
24 Behind Globe Oil gas station
Downtown Vinewood
25 Jetsam Terminal on Buccaneer Way in the Terminal area of the Port of Los Santos Armenian Mob
26 Abandoned Mexican Restaurant On
Marina Drive, Alamo Sea
27 Near Bishop's Chicken carpark, 
Tataviam Mountains Truckstop
Madrazo Cartel
28 Behind Nelsons General Store, Chumash Plaza, Chumash The Lost MC
29 House at Cape Catfish, east of Grapeseed on the shores of the Pacific Ocean Hippies
30 North side of LTD Gasoline, Grapeseed The Lost MC

Senora Desert Trailer Park,
RON Alternates Wind Farm

32 Behind Los Santos Customs, Los Santos International Airport Los Santos Triads
33 Under 1237 Prosperity Street, Del Perro Street Punks
34 Caesars Auto Parking / Bean Machine
Pillbox Hill
35 Broker Park, East Vinewood Street Punks
36 Cottage Park, Rockford Hills Street Punks
37 Beachfront, Ineseno Road, Chumash /
Banham Canyon
Street Punks
38 Behind Heat on Hawick Avenue in
39 Behind Los Santos Customs, Route 68, Harmony, Grand Senora Desert The Lost MC
40 Little Seoul Train Station, Little Seoul Los Santos Triads
41 Beaver Bush Ranger Station,
Vinewood Hills
Madrazo Cartel
42 The Boat House, Sandy Shores Street Punks
43 Pop's Pills, Paleto Bay The Lost MC
44 Hookies, North Chumash The Lost MC
45 Fudge Lane, El Burro Heights Marabunta Grande
46 Richman: Track bleachers northwest corner,  University of San Andreas, Los Santos Armenian Mob
47 Service bay of Korean Plaza, Little Seoul Kkangpae
48 House south of Harmony
Great Chaparral/Grand Senora Desert
49 Dashound Bus Center
East Vinewood/Textile City
Marabunta Grande
50 Bayview Lodge, Paleto Forest Hippies


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