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GTA Online Counterfeit Cash: Max Profit, Best Location and Is It Worth It

There are multiple counterfeit cash factories that you can purchase in GTA Online and we go over which one is the best one for you to buy.
GTA Online Counterfeit Cash: Max Profit, Best Location and Is It Worth It

GTA Online is filled with various missions that can get you rewards, RP, and money in the game. Some of the missions are active and some can even give you passive income.

Here, we are going over an interesting business known as creating counterfeit cash. There are multiple counterfeit cash factories around the game map and we are going to go over which one is the best one for you to purchase to give you an upgrade in your cash flow.

How To Start Creating Counterfeit Cash

GTA Online Biker Counterfeit Cash
To buy a counterfeit cash factory, you need to be a president of an MC to do so. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Back in the early days of GTA Online, Rockstar created a new DLC for the online game known as the biker update. In the biker update, Rockstar brought in a lot of new content for players to take advantage of, including the ability to create counterfeit cash.

Getting started is relatively easy. First, you need to start your very own Motorcycle Club (MC) and buy a clubhouse. Once you do that, you will be able to access a dark web app known as The Open Road. From there, you can buy a counterfeit cash factory. Just complete the associated mission and you are now in the counterfeiting business.

Which Counterfeit Cash Factory Location Is The Best?

GTA Online Counterfeit Cash
There are four different counterfeit cash factories that you can purchase in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

There are four different factories that you can purchase in GTA Online. Here are your options:

  • Grand Senora Desert ($845,000)
  • Paleto Bay ($951,600)
  • Cypress Flats ($1,267,500)
  • Vespucci Canals ($1,605,000)

One thing that we should make clear from the get-go is that all the factories are functionally the same. So do not worry about that when deciding to make your purchase.

As for which one is the best to purchase, really, it is the Grand Senora Desert counterfeit cash factory. The reasoning is pretty simple. The Grand Senora Desert factory is in the middle of the map, making it the most central location and closest to most of the missions in the game. It is also the cheapest as well. But of course, there is nothing wrong with the other three factories so choose what suits your needs.

GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Max Profit

Now that you are making fake cash, we have developed a chart to help you understand your profits for such a business:

Upgrade Upgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell Local Sell Remote Profit Per Hour
No Upgrade $0 $3500 $140000 $210000 $22500
Security Upgrade $456000 $3500 $140000 $210000 $22500
Equipment Upgrade $880000 $4200 $168000 $252000 $32000
Staff Upgrade $273000 $4200 $168000 $252000 $32000
Equipment/Staff Upgrade $1153000 $4900 $196000 $294000 $48000
All Upgrades $1609000 $4900 $196000 $294000 $48000

If you want to break even as fast as possible, the best way for you to do so is to purchase equipment and staff upgrades. Security upgrades do not do anything to increase your profits.

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