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GTA Online Counterfeit Cash: Max Profit, Best Location & Is It Worth It?

Looking for the best Counterfeit Cash Factory location in GTA Online? Discover the best location, upgrades, max payout, and more right here!
GTA Online Counterfeit Cash: Max Profit, Best Location & Is It Worth It?

What's the max payout in GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory? What's the best location to buy? And more importantly: Is it worth it? If you're curious about either of these questions, you're in the right place. After Rockstar Games introduced the Bikers DLC in 2016, players have been allowed to engage in an array of different heists and criminal business operations.

However, many newcomers don't necessarily know where to begin. Fortunately, we'll detail everything you need to know. This guide will explain how to set up a Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online, review all the different locations, highlight the most profitable site, and share some of the upgrade options to get the max payout for your Counterfeit Cash Factory in the game.

How To Setup Counterfeit Cash Factory Business In GTA Online

Setting up a Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online is quite straightforward. The first step involves establishing a Motorcycle Club (MC) and procuring an MC Clubhouse. Doing this enables you to delve into "The Open Road," a dark web application available within the game.

Herein, you can make your move to purchase a Counterfeit Cash Factory. All that remains is to finish the linked mission involving you retrieving a Stockade Armored Vehicle and driving it back to the Counterfeit Cash location. Once this mission is complete, you can begin your counterfeiting operations.

Importantly, maintaining a supply inventory is critical to continue profiting in the Counterfeit Cash business. If supplies deplete, production halts. You can replenish supplies for $15,000 per unit (max $75,000) or opt for free Supply Missions where you can steal resources from other organizations.

All GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory Locations

There are four different factories that you can purchase in GTA Online: Grand Senora Desert, Paleto Bay, Cypress Flats, and Vespucci Canals, priced between $845,000 - $1,605,000.

There isn't much difference between these Counterfeit Cash Factory locations other than where they are situated on the in-game map. This table details the location and price of each GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory.

Location Price Image
Grand Senora Desert $845,000 (Free with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack) grand-senora-desert-gtaonline
Paleto Bay $951,600 paleto-bay-gtaonline
Cypress Flats $1,267,500 CypressFlats-gtaonline
Vespucci Canals $1,605,000 vespuccii-canals-gta-online

What Is The Best GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory?

best counterfeit cash factory location gta online

Many players want to know the best location for their Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online. That said, there isn't any difference between the different locations, as they each operate similarly, with no difference in profit or productivity. So rest easy about that aspect when you're ready to buy.

If you're looking for the top pick, the Grand Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online should be your go-to option. The reasons are clear-cut. This factory is positioned centrally on the map and closer to most of the game's missions and business options like Cocaine Lockup or Meth Lab.

The Grand Senora Desert location is also the most budget-friendly option at $845,000 (or $0 if you purchased the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack). Still, remember that the other three Counterfeit Cash Factories are good in their own right. Make your choice based on what suits your gameplay.

All GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory Upgrades

gta online counterfeit cash factory upgrades

You can purchase add-ons for your Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online via the laptop. These upgrades include Equipment, Staff, and Security, each varying in cost.

Equipment Upgrades

You can purchase Equipment Upgrades for $880,000 to install superior-quality equipment in your Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online to boost production rate, enhance supply value, and maximize supply efficiency.

Staff Upgrades

More hands do light work! Purchase the Staff Upgrade for $273,000 to employ a few workers to help speed up the production line. After equipping this add-on, you'll find staff counting stacks from a bucket of dried cash, operating the press to prevent jams, and more.

Security Upgrades

The Security Upgrades will run your Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online up about $456,000 but can only marginally improve your profitability. In short, this upgrade installs security personnel and surveillance equipment to prevent raids from cops or rival gangs.

What Is The Max GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory Profit?


A common question among many GTA Online players is: What is the Counterfeit Cash Factory max profit? If you want to break even as fast as possible, the best way for you to do so is to purchase Equipment and Staff upgrades.

Security Upgrades do not do anything to increase your Counterfeit Cash Factory profits. That being said, the max hourly payout is $48,000. Now that you are making fake cash, we have developed a chart to help you understand your profits for such a business.

Upgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell Local Sell Remote Profit Per Hour
No Upgrade $0 $,3500 $140,000 $210,000 $22,500
Security Upgrade $456,000 $3,500 $140,000 $210,000 $22,500
Equipment Upgrade $880,000 $4,200 $168,000 $252,000 $32,000
Staff Upgrade $273,000 $4,200 $168,000 $252,000 $32,000
Equipment & Staff $115,3000 $4,900 $196,000 $294,000 $48,000
All Upgrades $160,9000 $4,900 $196,000 $294,000 $48,000

Is The GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory Worth It?


Investing in the Counterfeit Cash Factory proves worthwhile as it can generate a sizable $48,000 per hour, provided you maintain supplies. It outperforms other passive businesses such as Cocaine Lockup, Forgery Business, and Weed Farm, generating almost $10,000 more hourly with all upgrades. However, it falls slightly short of the Meth Lab, which can yield up to $51,500 per hour.

Remember, the return on investment won't happen instantly. It takes time. If you chose the priciest Counterfeit Cash Factory location at Vespucci Canals, your initial setup cost would have been $1,605,000. This implies approximately three in-game days to recoup your initial investment, provided you haven't bought any upgrades. With the Staff and Equipment Upgrades, this recovery time is halved, making it a more than favorable deal.

How To Fix GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory Not Producing?


If your GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory isn't generating any product, Rockstar Games has offered a solution to get your business operations back up and running. Per their official FAQ, ensure you meet the following conditions:

  • The Set-Up Mission for the particular Business has been completed
  • The Business has supplies available
  • If you are managing the Business from the Nightclub, a Nightclub Technician should be assigned to the desired product (Cocaine, Counterfeit Cash, Forged Documents, Methamphetamine, or Weed)
  • You are playing in a public session
  • You are playing while registered as a Motorcycle Club President

Your productivity level should increase after 30 to 50 minutes of play. If the Business continues not to produce any product, you can try the following steps:

  1. Shut down the Business
  2. Play online in a public session for more than 30 minutes
  3. Re-open the Business and play as a Motorcycle Club President, making sure the conditions above are met

Troubleshooting your Counterfeit Cash Factory might seem daunting, but following these guidelines should set you back on the path to success in GTA Online. And that's everything you need to know about the GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory.

Before you leave, we want to extend a massive thank you and credit to the contributors on the GTA Online Wiki, who have collected and shared much of the information used to inform this guide. Also, this guide was originally written by Daniel Borjas and reworked by Chadley Kemp.

GTA Online Counterfeit Cash: Max Profit, Best Location & Is It Worth It? FAQ

How do I maximize profits from my GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory?

Purchase the Grand Senora Desert location and then buy Equipment and Staff upgrades to reach the maximum profit of $48,000 per hour.

What should I do if my GTA Online Counterfeit Cash Factory is not producing?

Ensure that the Business has completed the setup mission, has available supplies, and is managed as a MC President in a public session. Try shutting down the Business, playing for more than 30 minutes, and then reopening it.

How long does it take to recoup the initial investment for the Counterfeit Cash Factory?

Without the Staff and Equipment Upgrades, it takes approximately three in-game days to recoup the initial investment, assuming your purchased the most expensive location.

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