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GTA Online Halloween 2023 Event Leaks, Start Time, And More

In Rockstar fashion, the next Halloween event has been leaked and we have all the information you need about it here.
GTA Online Halloween 2023 Event Leaks, Start Time, And More
Rockstar Games
19 October 2023 - The latest GTA Online Weekly Update has introduced yet more Halloween content into the game. Follow the link above to see everything going on in this event week.

Original Story Follows - GTA Online is a game that is always changing and it is one of the most developer-supported games available right now. There are many DLC launches that happen with this game and the DLC gives players plenty to do. With the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC launch, GTA Online players are discovering all that they can about what was added to the game.

But it is not just San Andreas Mercenaries DLC that players are looking into. Whenever Rockstar updates GTA Online, players look at the files to see what else they can discover. It looks like data miners had a field day because a lot of Halloween content was discovered this time. Here, we will go over all of the leaked Halloween content for GTA Online and what we expect to come this year.

GTA Online Leaked Halloween Content

Rockstar has not been good about keeping their files secured as there have been a lot of leaks for GTA Online in the past. But it has been good for the fans who want to see what is next for GTA Online. From the looks of it, there is a lot of Halloween content coming this year. Leakers like @billsyliamgta, @_JeanRopke, and @WildBrick142 have found quite a bit this time around.

GTA Online Halloween Leaks
New props are coming to GTA Online during the Halloween event. (Picture: Rockstar Games/@billsyliamgta on Twitter)

Within the PC files, leakers have found various Halloween assets that include caskets, tombstones, and Jack-o-Lanterns as well. New masks are coming as well which are likely going to be rewards for Halloween events. One thing that players discovered is a new event called the Ghost Hunt. On top of that, there are plenty of rewards like liveries that players will get as well. From the looks of it, it will be a pretty eventful Halloween event this year.

When Will The Halloween Event Start In GTA Online And What Will Come?

5 October 2023 - Technically speaking, it seems like the GTA Online Halloween event for 2023 has started. It's not in full force, and it seems as though Rockstar are releasing Halloween content bit by bit, with each new event week this October adding a little more.

Throughout the years of GTA Online, there have been a lot of different Halloween events. Players will discover creepy monsters and get special rewards in the form of clothing, liveries, and even tattoos for participating in these events. The Halloween events in GTA Online happen every year and it looks like it will happen in 2023 as well.

Now the question is, when will the Halloween event come to GTA Online in 2023? The dates tend to vary and it looks like we are starting on October 5th for the Halloween content in GTA Online. Players can now log in to GTA Online and they will get a free Scarlet Vintage Devil Mask. Mask Audio will also become an action that players can perform.

GTA Online Halloween
Data miners are looking at the PC files for GTA Online to discover the new Halloween content for the game. (Picture: Rockstar Games/@billsyliamgta on Twitter)

On what is coming, there are a couple of events that we expect to return to GTA online during the Halloween event. We expect in some shape or form to see the Slasher Event, the Phantom Car Event, the Pumpkin Jack o' Lantern collectibles, the UFO Event, and the Clone Slasher. Although not confirmed yet, we highly expect the Ghost Event to start this year in GTA Online based on the leaks we have seen. There will also be a new possessed animals event as well. Halloween Deathmatches are to be added, free mode events, new Halloween props, and so much more are coming. This year seems to be the biggest year for Halloween in GTA Online yet.

Not only that but there should be more Halloween-themed vehicles that appear in GTA Online as well. We expect a return of some Halloween-themed vehicles like the LCC Sanctus, the Albany Franken Stange, and the Albany Lurcher. These will be likely given out as free vehicles for GTA+ members, but we will have to wait and see.

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