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GTA Online Phantom Car: How To Find 'Christine' This Halloween

Are you looking to find the mysterious Phantom Car in GTA Online this Halloween? Then check out our comprehensive guide below!
GTA Online Phantom Car: How To Find 'Christine' This Halloween
Rockstar Games
Update - The GTA Online Weekly Update on October 12, 2023 has reintroduced the Christine Phantom Car with the latest event week. From what we can tell there are no changes to the gameplay mechanics.

Original Story Follows - The GTA Online Phantom Car event is back! Initially introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update during Halloween 2021, this event pays tribute to the terrifying Stephen King novel Christine. The event is here once again in full force, and players can experience this limited-time event over the next few weeks. This article will cover finding the elusive Phantom Car, Christine, and how you can take it down!

GTA Online - How To Find The Phantom Car For Halloween

Phantom Car GTA Online
This event is inspired by the Stephen King novel "Christine" (Picture: Rockstar Games)

A few criteria need to be met before you can trigger the appearance of the Phantom Car. Please see below for a list of all the requirements needed to make this event trigger.

  • You need to be in Free Roam mode.
  • You have to be playing between the hours of 9 pm - 5 am.
  • You need to be with one other person (you can't be in Solo Play).
  • You need to have been playing for at least 16 minutes (8 in-game hours).
  • You have to be on foot or in a standard vehicle (no helicopters, boats, planes, etc.)

Once all of these criteria have been met, the GTA Online Phantom Car has a chance to spawn near you. If you are inside a vehicle, the car will slowly stalk your movements as it tails you wherever you go. It will eventually despawn if you choose not to engage it. However, if you exit your vehicle while being followed, the Phantom Car will burst into flames, and its headlights will turn bright red. 

Phantom Car GTA Online
Get ready for a wild ride! (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The Phantom Car will then start chasing you down as it tries to run you over by any means necessary. You can take it out by normal destructive means (shooting it), but it may take some time as this enemy can take a lot of punishment. You can also just get back into a vehicle or trigger a separate event to despawn the Phantom Car as well. 

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