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GTA Online G's Cache Location Today

If you are struggling to find G's Cache locations in GTA Online, we have the perfect guide for you.
GTA Online G's Cache Location Today

In GTA Online, there are a lot of daily and random events that you can participate in. Although these events seem insignificant at first the daily events in GTA Online are almost always worth it. You will be often rewarded with cash, items, and RP as well. So knowing about daily events is important for any serious GTA Online players.

That is why we want to talk to you about G's Cache locations a new type of daily collectible introduced with the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Although the update went live in December, the collectibles were part of the drip-feed content, and only went live in the game on 16 February 2023.

If you've not played GTA Online in a while and you're not sure how to find these cache locations in GTA Online then read on, we'll go over everything you need to know and more.

How To Start G's Caches In GTA Online

You'll know that G's Caches are live in GTA Online as you'll receive a text from Gerald that reads:

Seeing as we tight, I figured Id cut you into my lil secret. My crew got stashes hidden all oeer town. Money, ammo, even got snacks if you got the munchies. We keep it movin though. New spot every day. Just play it cool in case the cops are watching

After you've received this message, G's Cache should start to appear on the map - marked with a purple crate symbol - as soon as the player enters a Free Mode session.

How To Find G's Cache In GTA Online

G’s Cache is a new daily dead drop that will pop up on the map. However, the cache will spawn in a random location for each player, with 

Once close by, a white circle will be marked on the map. Players will need to search the area to find the package. When you're close by players should hear the faint sound of beeping to indicate the proximity to G's cache collectible.

G's Cache Rewards In GTA Online

Once you find the daily collectible, players will receive a lump sum of GTA$, RP, ammo, and snacks as a reward. The cash amounts players can earn will vary between $15,000 and $22,250.

Do note, when you collect the package you will either be able to walk away with no issues, or you may get an immediate 2-star wanted level.

All G’s Cache Locations in GTA Online

There are 15 possible locations where G’s caches could appear. However, do note, that each spawn location has five potential stash spots, too. 

All G's Cache locations are listed below:

  1. Near Legion Square
  2. In Vespucci Beach Skate Park
  3. Between El Burro Boulevard and Murrieta Oil Fields
  4. Around the Mirror Park lake
  5. In Decker Park in Little Seoul
  6. At the University of San Andreas, Los Santos in Richman
  7. In the Chumash Historic Family Pier
  8. In Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills
  9. At Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  10. In Hill Valley Church at Great Chaparral
  11. At Senora National Park in Grand Senora Desert
  12. At Grapseed Rail Terminal in Grapeseed
  13. At Millar’s Fishery Co in Galilee
  14. At Bayview Lodge in Paleto Forest
  15. At the Railyard near Clucking Bell Farms in Paleto Bay

G's Caches Map Locations In GTA Online

Here's a map showing you all 15 possible areas where G's Caches could spawn in GTA Online.

GTA Online G's Cache Map Locations
G's Cache is daily collectible that will randomly spawn at 1 of 15 possible locations. (Credit: GTAWeb.eu)

Where Is G's Cache In GTA Online Today?

As you can see from the map above, G's Cache has the potential to spawn pretty much anywhere across the whole map.

We've already listed all 15 possible spawn locations for G's Cache, however, it's worth noting that unlike the GTA Online Gun Van, or GTA Online Street Dealers, there is no set location for G's Cache in GTA Online.

That's because each and every GTA Online player will have their own G's Cache location whenever the player enters a Free Mode session. So there is no specific location we can give you, it will entirely depend on your own session. So open your map and take a look for the G's Cache symbol to find that stash.

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