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GTA Online Office Guide: Best Location To Buy & Prices

Looking for a way to kickstart your criminal empire? Discover the best Office to buy in GTA Online, including how to get started, customization options, and more!
GTA Online Office Guide: Best Location To Buy & Prices

Are you considering purchasing an Office in GTA Online? You're in the right place. These executive spaces were introduced in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, providing a base for CEOs to take part in Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo, and Special Vehicle Work missions!

However, similarly to owning a Nightclub, the most critical question is: What is the best Office location in GTA Online? But don't worry. This guide will detail everything about the different Office spaces in the game, including the prices, fees, and personalization options.

Updated on 16 June 2023: We reworked this page and added a lot more details. When you're done reading this guide, you might want to check out our Bunker Location, Facility Location, or Action Figure Location guides!

Where Are All The Office Locations In GTA Online?

There are four Office locations that you can purchase via the Dynasty 8 Executive site. Here, you can also have the option to add an assortment of different extra features. Moreover, each Office boasts customizable interiors with nine other design options available.

Navigating to these Offices in GTA Online is relatively straightforward as they're all conveniently located within the city, saving you from needing to trek to far-flung locales like Paleto or the Senora Desert.

Note that owning an Office will incur a daily fee of $800: $500 for the property itself, and a $300 Assistant salary. Here is a detailed table with information on each Office location in GTA Online.

Office Location Price Description Image
Maze Bank West (Del Perro) $1,000,000 (Free with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack) Maze has been the target of more boycotts, demonstrations, and civil rights lawsuits than any other bank in America. Access to that wealth of experience doesn't come cheap, but a good education is an investment worth any price. MazeBankWest
Arcadius Business Center (Pillbox Hill) $2,250,000 The City within the City, Arcadius Business Center boasts more AAA hedge funds, smoothie bars, and executive suicides per square foot of office space than any other building in the business district. Welcome to Cutting Edge. ArcadiusBusinessCenter
Lombank West (Del Perro) $3,100,000 In a radical new step towards diversification of the banking sector. Industry giant Lombank is selling office space to results-driven, high-liquidity kill squads and drug cartels. Be part of the change our financial industry needs. LombankWest
Maze Bank Tower (Pillbox Hill) $4,000,000 The building that defined the LS Skyline for a generation. Taller, Classier, more opulent, more shamelessly phallic, less structurally sound - you name it, the Maze Bank Tower is best in class. MazeBankTower

Does Office Location Matter In GTA Online?

Not particularly. There is no fundamental difference between any Office locations in GTA Online besides where they are individually situated. All properties have identical add-ons, missions, facilities, and income potential. That being said, there are a few things to consider when choosing your ideal Office location in GTA Online: its proximity to other businesses like Cocaine Lockup or Meth Lab for added convenience and efficiency.

What Is The Best Office Location In GTA Online?

best gta online office location

Choosing the best Office in GTA Online is simpler than it seems. Unquestionably, the Arcadius Business Center emerges as the top choice. Despite not being an overly tall structure, this location comes with a generously sized helipad.

This feature considerably eases helicopter navigation. Its strategic location near purchasable apartments allows for an easy commute to work - essentially, it's just a brief walk away. Furthermore, thanks to its central placement, you'll find yourself in close proximity to various executive missions that stem from this Office.

While close to the Arcadius Center, it's worth noting that the Maze Bank Tower doesn't quite hit the mark. The towering structure commands an exorbitant price that doesn't match its value. It's also more challenging to maneuver a helicopter to the helipad. Additionally, the poor car spawn locations further detract from its appeal.

How Can I Customize The Office In GTA Online?

gta online office customization

You can purchase a variety of different add-ons for the Office in GTA Online via the Dynasty 8 Executive site. You can find a list of customizations below.


  • Male or Female ($150,000 to change after purchase)


  • Executive Rich (FREE)
  • Executive Cool ($415,000)
  • Executive Contrast ($500,000)
  • Old Spice Classical ($685,000)
  • Old Spice Vintage ($760,000)
  • Old Spice Warms ($950,000)
  • Power Broker Conservative ($835,000)
  • Power Broker Polished ($910,000)
  • Power Broker Ice ($1,000,000)


  • Organization Name ($250,000 when changing after purchase)
  • Money Safe ($335,000)
  • Gun Locker ($520,000)
  • Accommodation ($795,000)

You can also relocate your Office in GTA Online to a different location. However, it's worth mentioning that the upgrades you purchase will not transfer to the new site.

And that's everything you need to know about the best Office location in GTA Online. We want to extend a special thank you and credit to the contributors at GTA Online Fandom, whose valuable insights helped to inform the contents of this guide. For a visual walkthrough, we suggest checking out this video by YouTuber GTA Gentleman.

Note: This page was originally written by Daniel Borjas and subsequently reworked by Chadley Kemp.

GTA Online Office Guide: Best Location To Buy & Prices FAQ

Where are all the Office locations in GTA Online?

GTA Online offers four Office locations: Maze Bank West (Del Perro), Arcadius Business Center (Pillbox Hill), Lombank West (Del Perro), and Maze Bank Tower (Pillbox Hill). Each location has its own unique features and price.

Does Office location matter in GTA Online?

Not particularly. All Office locations in GTA Online offer the same add-ons, missions, facilities, and income potential. However, considering the proximity to other businesses, such as Cocaine Lockup or Meth Lab, can provide added convenience and efficiency.

What is the best Office location in GTA Online?

The Arcadius Business Center is considered the best Office location in GTA Online. It features a spacious helipad, convenient proximity to purchasable apartments, and close access to executive missions. The Maze Bank Tower, while tall, comes at a higher price and has challenges with helicopter navigation and car spawn locations.

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