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GTA Online Weed Farm Max Profit, Best Location and Is It Worth It

Weed is one of the many drugs you can sell in GTA Online and we have a guide to help you find the best weed farm in the game.
GTA Online Weed Farm Max Profit, Best Location and Is It Worth It

There are plenty of holiday events that happen throughout the year in GTA Online that will give you cash. But between those events, you still have to try to make money.

That is why weed is a business that you can take advantage of in the game. By completing a set of missions, you could be running your own weed business in GTA Online and making passive income. We are here to guide you on how to do so.

How To Start A Weed Business In GTA Online

GTA Online Weed Farm
The Biker DLC update in GTA Online brought a lot of content to the game, including weed farms. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

It is not a long process on how you can start a weed business in GTA Online. During the early life of the game, Rockstar released a DLC that was themed for motorcycle clubs (MC) and their illegal businesses. Weed is one of the businesses you can take part of in the game.

Getting started is relatively simple. First things first is that you need to create your own MC in GTA Online. Afterward, you will be able to access "The Open Road" app set up by Lester Crest.

From there, you can purchase a weed farm in the game. Once you make the purchase, complete the associated mission and the weed farm is yours.

Which Weed Farm Location Is The Best One To Buy In GTA Online?

GTA Online Weed Farm
Choosing a weed farm close to your MC clubhouse might be a way to help you decide which one you should buy. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Before we answer that, let us take a look at where you can buy a weed farm in GTA Online and how much they cost in the game:

  • San Chianski Mountain Range ($715,000)
  • Mount Chiliad ($805,200)
  • Elysian Island ($1,072,500)
  • Downtown Vinewood ($1,358,500)

Before we tell you our suggestions, we first have to note that all the weed farms are the same. You will not lose anything by picking one farm over the other.

But for the best weed farm, we have two choices for you. The San Chianski Mountain Range and the Downtown Vinewood weed farms are the best ones you can buy in the game.

The San Chianski location is the best because of the low price, but it is a bit further up the map. The Downtown Vinewood weed farm might be the most expensive, but it is in the middle of the map which brings you closer to all the other things the city has to offer.

GTA Online Weed Farm Max Profit Table

Here, we are going to go over the profits you will get depending on what upgrades you get for your weed farm. Having this knowledge could help guide you on how you want to handle your weed farm in GTA Online:

Upgrade Upgrade Cost Unit Profit Sell Local Sell Remote Profit per Hour
No Upgrade $0 $1500 $120000 $180000 $19500
Security Upgrade $313500 $1500 $120000 $180000 $19500
Equipment Upgrade $990000 $1800 $144000 $216000 $28500
Staff Upgrade $273000 $1800 $144000 $216000 $28500
Equipment/Staff Upgrade $1263000 $2100 $168000 $252000 $41500
All Upgrades $1576500 $2100 $168000 $252000 $41500

As you can see, security does nothing to increase your profits. All it does is prevent you from having to defend your weed farm more often. But profits should break even faster if you buy both staff and equipment upgrades.

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