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GTA Online The Contract Payout In 2023

Here, we go over how much precisely you get for completing The Contract missions and getting paid.
GTA Online The Contract Payout In 2023

In GTA Online, there are a lot of different missions that you can do. From scavenger hunts to forgery operations, there are a large number of unique ways to enjoy your time in the game.

But a lot of what makes these missions worth it is the payouts that you get in the end. Earning as much money as possible allows you to buy crazy vehicles and powerful weapons. So that is why it is worth seeing how much you will get paid for completing The Contract DLC.

How Do I Get Paid In The Contract?

GTA Online The Contract
You can end up getting bonus cash put into your wall safe after completing security contracts. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Thankfully, Rockstar has given you multiple ways that you can get paid for doing The Contract in GTA Online. In total, there are four different ways that you can get paid in this DLC.

The easiest way to get paid is by doing security missions. These missions vary in difficulty and have a wide range of payments depending on the level of the contract you end up doing. In total, you can get paid between $31,000 and $70,000 for doing security contracts.

There are also payphone hits that you can take to make some extra cash as well. Much like security contracts, the payments for these hits vary depending on a number of factors. Payphone hits a payout between $15,000 to $70,000.

Can I Get Paid For Story Related Content In The Contract?

GTA Online The Contract
Players should endeavor to complete all story missions in The Contract DLC for larger payouts.

Yes, all of the story content that you do in The Contract will eventually earn you some money in the end. For example, the Short Trips story between Franklin and Lamar will net you $50,000 for doing it on normal mode or $62,000 for completing it on hard.

The main story DLC featuring Dr. Dre gives you a nice reward at the end as well. Players will receive $1,000,000 for completing the main story missions. The best part is that these story missions with Dr. Dre are repeatable as well.

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