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What Is The Cooldown on GTA Online Security Contracts?

Every GTA Online Security contract has a cooldown, and here is how much you will have to wait before taking the next one.
What Is The Cooldown on GTA Online Security Contracts?

The Contract DLC might have been one of the biggest DLC ever introduced in GTA Online; the DLC allowed players to purchase new Agency property, opening many new missions. The Contract DLC also had real-life celebrities such as Dr. Dre, DJ Pooh, and more featured in the game.

If you have not purchased the Agency yet, then this week will be the best to buy one as in the weekly GTA Online update of the first week of March 2023, the Agency will be available for a 40% discount from the Dynasty 8 Executive in-game website. If you already have one, the renovation cost will also be 40% off.

Cooldown for GTA Online Security Contracts

Security Contracts available through Agency in GTA Online.
Security Contracts available through Agency in GTA Online. (Rockstar Games/Arnab)

There are six different contract types for Security Contracts, and the pay for each contract depends on the various difficulty levels. There are three different levels:

  • Professional = $31,000 to $42,000

  • Specialist = $44,000 to $56,000

  • Specialist+ = $60,000 to $70,000

Once you start completing the missions, you will gain experience, which will help to gain difficulty and payouts. Depending upon your difficulty level, all the agency missions will payout double the money and double RP on the security contract. Dr. Dre’s contracts and the Payphone hits will give 1.5 times the money and RP. 

Unfortunately, there is a five-minute cooldown in the security contracts before you start another contract. There is also a cooldown of 24 minutes/one in-game day once you complete the Dr. Dre VIP Contracts as well. This is significantly low compared to the cooldown of other missions in GTA Online.

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