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How To Get The Snowball Launcher In GTA Online

A Snowball Launcher is coming to GTA Online for Christmas.
How To Get The Snowball Launcher In GTA Online
Rockstar Games/Floorball__ on Twitter

How To Get The Snowball Launcher In GTA Online

A new Snowball Launcher weapon is coming to GTA Online, but it's not available at the time of writing. As most GTA fans will know, when Rockstar releases a new DLC pack for GTA Online, they tend to drip-feed a certain selection of content. However, in the case of the Snowball launched, it's more than likely it will be released in the event week which overlaps with the Christmas event.

Although it is not out yet, GTA Online dataminer Floorball was able to find plenty of details about the new weapon. More specifically, we believe that the Snowball Launcher will be a login reward for players over Christmas.

An in-game message will most likely pop up which reads:

"Happy Holidays from Rockstar! You have been awarded: Snowball Launcher, Green Festive Tree Hat, White Festive Reindeer Hat, Candy Cane, Green Reindeer Beer Hat, Armor, Ammo and Snacks fully refilled."

For now, though, it's unclear if this will appear after the new Weekly Update drops (on Thursday, December 21) or on Christmas day specifically. Once we have more information, we will update this page accordingly.

Snowball Launcher Gameplay Preview

How To Use The Snowball Launcher

The Snowball Launcher is kind of an unusual weapon in GTA Online. Firstly, the Snowball Launcher does very little damage. So this is a terrible weapon if players want to outright kill players or NPCs. But the launcher will knock down whoever is hit by it. That means that players can easily knock down other players in GTA Online with this new weapon.

So a strategy that players can use is to use the Snowball Launcher to knock down a player and then pull out a real weapon to finish them off. The Snowball Launcher is a handgun so it is easy to move around with and it has no ammo. This weapon will automatically gain more ammo over time.

Snowball Launcher GTA Online
The Snowball Launcher is designed to knock players and NPCs down rather than damage them. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Floorball__ on Twitter)

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