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How To Register As VIP In GTA Online

If you are looking to do VIP missions in GTA Online but you do not know how to register as a VIP, we have the perfect guide for you.
How To Register As VIP In GTA Online

In GTA Online, there are a lot of criminal careers that you can be in while you are playing the game. These criminal careers are designed to give you job-exclusive missions that you can take advantage of while playing the game.

One of the jobs that you can have in GTA Online is a VIP job. As a VIP, there are certain missions locked away that you can only do while registered as one. So that is why we are here to explain how you can register as a VIP in GTA Online.

How To Register As VIP In GTA Online

GTA Online VIP
Take on special missions that only players that register as a VIP can do. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Registering as a VIP is actually not that difficult. Compared to other criminal careers, becoming a VIP has actually a low financial barrier. You need at least $50,000 in your bank account to be a VIP.

If you have that money in your bank account, then all you have to do is open up the interaction menu in GTA Online. You will scroll down and eventually, you will see the SecuroServ tab. Click it, then hit Register as a VIP. Then create your organization name when you are prompted.

What Are The Advantages Of Becoming A VIP

GTA Online VIP
Becoming a VIP in GTA comes with many advantages that players will want to take advantage of. (Picture Rockstar Games)

As you can see, becoming a VIP is a rather simple process for any player in GTA Online. It does not take long at all and the financial barrier is low.

Becoming a VIP allows you to take advantage of some of the Finance and Felony missions from the DLC that Rockstar released.

There is an important detail that you have to be aware of though if you want to be a VIP in GTA Online. The detail is that the VIP status only lasts for four real hours. After that, you cannot become a VIP for 12 hours. Make sure you accomplish what you want to do within that limited timeframe as a VIP.

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