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GTA Online The Last Dose Story Mission Payout And Rewards

Here, we will go over the rewards for completing The Last Dose story missions in GTA Online.
GTA Online The Last Dose Story Mission Payout And Rewards

GTA Online has gone through a lot of different updates throughout the years. The game was released nearly 10 years ago, and since then, there have been several DLC drops that have transformed GTA Online into what it is today. Now, there are several story missions in GTA Online that even rivals the quality of Grand Theft Auto V.

The most recent DLC drop for GTA Online is The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Here, the story was split into two different segments that were released at different times. The most recent update brought in the conclusion of this storyline and it is known as The Last Dose. Here, we are going to go over what The Last Dose missions payout when you complete them.

What Is The Payout For The Last Dose Jobs In GTA Online?

GTA Online The Last Dose Payout
The Last Dose is now available in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The Last Dose is a series of story missions for GTA Online. These story missions are more about giving players a story to understand and get involved in rather than making the most amount of money possible as fast as possible. But that does not mean that players will not be making money through these missions. Down below is The Last Dose mission list and their payouts:

  • This is an Intervention - $50,000
  • Unusual Suspects - $50,000
  • Friedmind - $50,000
  • Checking In - $50,000
  • BDKD - $50,000

As you can see, all the missions from The Last Dose will pay you the same amount. There are other ways to increase your payout during these missions. When taking down enemies, be sure to collect their items as they are often carrying extra cash for you to collect as well. There are also certain weekends where The Last Dose story missions will give players double rewards, including money.

Is It Worth Doing The Last Dose In GTA Online?

GTA Online The Last Dose Payout
The Last Dose story missions are not the biggest money makers in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The main reason why you would want to complete The Last Dose is to conclude the story that The First Dose had. Players who completed The First Dose missions will want to play The Last Dose so they can finish off the story of the DLC. Other than that, there is not really much of a reason to do The Last Dose.

From what we have seen, The Last Dose offers no extra bonuses for completion. That means there are no other Acid Labs or other major drug operations. The cash you make from completing The Last Dose is pretty minimal as well. For making money, there are better and faster ways to do so in GTA Online.

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