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How To Change Sprint Controls In GTA Online

Wondering how to change your sprint controls in GTA Online? Here's how to switch up those controls.
How To Change Sprint Controls In GTA Online

In the upcoming GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update coming out on 13th June 2023, a long-awaited feature is coming: players will be able to switch up their sprint controls. Rockstar announced the upcoming feature in a blog post detailing all of the changes coming in the San Andreas Mercenaries update, many of which have been requested by players for a long time. Along with the ability to change sprint controls, other fixes and quality-of-life changes are coming too, such as nerfs to the Orbital Cannon. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to change your sprint controls in GTA Online now that you're able to toggle this feature to your liking.

gta online sprint controls
Sprint controls can now be changed in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar)

How Does Sprint Work In GTA Online Currently

In GTA Online, players have to continuously tap the sprint button on their controller. However, with the introduction of the "hold to sprint" control option, players can now sprint by simply holding down the button. This is a welcome change as it eliminates the need for repetitive tapping which can cause discomfort for players who use this control frequently. Whilst this might go down as a quality-of-life feature, there's no doubt that this is also a fantastic accessibility feature for certain players who might have otherwise been unable to play the game before.

How To Change Sprint Controls In GTA Online

Update - Here's where you need to go in the menu to change your Sprint Controls:

Pause Menu > Settings > Controls > Sprint Mode > Hold To Sprint (To Activate Hold To Sprint)

To change your sprint controls, you'll need to update your settings and find the 'sprint controls' toggle. While the default sprint control is mashing a button to run, you can switch it out to use a different control to sprint. You'll have to hold a button down instead of mashing one.

This will make it a lot easier for players to sprint without having to mash one button repeatedly.

The GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update hasn't gone live yet, so the specific steps to change your sprint controls might change. When the update goes live, we'll be sure to update this article with the most specific steps to change your running controls in GTA Online as well as screenshots to show you how it's done.

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