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GTA Online Vanilla Unicorn Safe Code Combination & Locations

One of the security contracts in GTA Online requires you to unlock a safe in the Vanilla Unicorn club. Here are all the possible safe code locations for the same.
GTA Online Vanilla Unicorn Safe Code Combination & Locations

GTA Online's The Contract DLC introduced a series of missions called Security Contracts, which you access via the computer in your Agency office. There are five types of Security Contracts in GTA Online, one of which is Recover Valuables.

One of these Recover Valuables Security Contracts in the game requires unlocking a safe inside the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. Read our guide to find out the Vanilla Unicorn safe combination in GTA Online. 

Vanilla Unicorn Safe Code Combinations in GTA Online 

gta online vanilla unicorn
The yellow note appears in different places within the Vanilla Unicorn. (Picture: Lucidcityroleplay)

You will find the Vanilla Unicorn safe code in a yellow note inside the club.  However, the location of this yellow note is random, and you will find it in different places every time you enter the place.

All Vanilla Unicorn Safe Code Locations in GTA Online

vanilla unicorn safe code location gta online
The safe code appears in three different places in the Vanilla Unicorn. (Picture: Lucidcityroleplay)

Here are all the possible locations for the yellow note that contains the Vanilla Unicorn safe code in GTA Online: 

  • On the bar next to the 'Vanilla Unicorn' neon sign.
  • On the surface next to the strip pole.
  • On the couch in the first room with the strip pole.

When you approach any of these locations, and if the yellow note is nearby, a green arrow will appear on the screen. Look for this green arrow, and the yellow note should be yours.

Once you have picked up the yellow note and obtained the safe code in the process, head to the dressing room in the Vanilla Unicorn to open the safe and collect the watch inside it. 

Now head back to your Agency's office to complete this mission.

That's all you need to know about the Vanilla Unicorn safe combination.

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