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When Is The 50 Car Garage Coming To GTA Online?

As time progresses, people are starting to ask when is the 50-car garage coming to GTA Online.
When Is The 50 Car Garage Coming To GTA Online?
UPDATE - Following the release of the latest GTA Online Weekly Update on February 16, the Eclipse Blvd 50-Car Garage is now available for $2,740,000.

Original Story Follows - In the most recent big update for GTA Online, the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC was added to the game. The Drug Wars DLC added a lot of new content for players to enjoy, which includes a new storyline and an Acid Lab for players to own. Given how much content was already released during the launch of the Drug Wars DLC, some items have been held back for a later date.

One of the more notable items that players are looking forward to in GTA Online is the upcoming 50-car garage. This garage gives players a large space to store all of their vehicles and players are excited to own the garage. Although that is the case, the garage is not available yet. When is the 50-space garage coming out in GTA Online?

Why Is The 50-Car Garage Not Out Yet In GTA Online?

GTA Online 50-car garage
Players are looking forward to the new upcoming large garage in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC was released in early December of 2023. As we enter February of 2023, it has been quite some time since the initial release of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. One of the key things that Rockstar was highlighting on the release of the Los Santos Drug Wars on their Newswire was the 50-car garage. So, why is it not out yet?

The answer to that question is drip feed content. Rockstar tends to drip-feed content, which means slowly releasing smaller bits of content as time moves forward. This creates a situation where players almost always have something new to look forward to. So even though Rockstar did announce the existence of a large storage garage, it might take a while before that garage is actually released to the public.

When Is The 50-Car Garage Coming To GTA Online?

GTA Online 50-space garage
The new garage should release before the next big DLC update for GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Currently, there is no confirmed date on when the large garage is coming to GTA Online. All that we know based on the leaks that were provided by reliable data miners is that the new garage does indeed exist and it is part of the drip feed content that Rockstar will slowly release over a period of time.

More than likely, the garage will release before summer as summer is usually when a new large DLC package would usually come out for GTA Online. Whether it is the next part of the Drug Wars DLC or something else completely, players can safely bet that the new garage will come out before the summer begins.

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