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Best Business For Passive Income In GTA Online

Here, we will go over which businesses in GTA Online are the best at generating passive income.
Best Business For Passive Income In GTA Online

In GTA Online, money is everything. Money allows you to do so many different things in the game. For example, there are several businesses that players can start that will generate passive income in the game. But to start these businesses, players will need to have the capital to purchase them first.

Passive income is great because, unlike activities like heists, players just need to do some initial set up and the business will be generating them a lot of cash. With that being said, there are some businesses that are better for generating passive income. Here, we will go over what we think are the best businesses to generate passive income in GTA Online.

Best Businesses To Generate Passive Income In GTA Online

GTA Online Passive Income
Businesses in GTA Online will produce products that players can sell later. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Let us first explain what exactly passive income is in GTA Online. There are businesses in the game that players can buy, such as nightclubs. After you purchase and set up the business, the business will generate money. All the player has to do is sell the product that the business produces. Bunkers, arcades, drug lockups, nightclubs, forgeries, and agencies are all businesses that can generate passive income.

As we have said before, there are some businesses that are good for passive income while some just are not worth it. The best passive income business though is nightclubs. Nightclubs are amazing because you can connect them with other businesses like meth labs to store even more products. This means a bigger sale at the end. But you will not want to buy a nightclub first as you will want to hook up as many businesses as possible to it.

The best solo passive income business right is the new acid labs. Acid labs cannot get raided, can be relocated, and can increase production at your whim. If you need a single business to generate your passive income, we recommend acid labs.

The Best Way To Generate Passive Income In GTA Online

GTA Online Passive Income
Acid labs are great for generating passive income in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

If players want to generate as much passive income as possible, they need to buy a lot of businesses. Buy as many upgrades as they can to give each business maximum production value. Make sure they are all linked up to the nightclub as well.

Once that is done, players will then want to go to the nightclub. In the nightclub, players can watch the DJ they hired to perform. Watch the DJ and then go AFK. Doing this will make sure that your character is not kicked out of the game session for being AFK. On top of that, each business is generating products waiting to be sold. After an hour, go sell the products and that should be easy money for the players.

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