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How To Get The Breaking Bad RV In GTA Online

If you have ever wanted the Breaking Bad RV in GTA Online, then we have the guide to help you get it.
How To Get The Breaking Bad RV In GTA Online

GTA Online continues to grow with a lot of new additions coming to the game. Thanks to the new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, a lot of new content has come to the game. New weapons, new missions, and new cars. Getting new cars in GTA Online is always exciting because it gives you more options in terms of mobility.

On top of that, you can further customize your character to look a certain way. For example, there is a new RV in GTA Online that looks like the RV from Breaking Bad. It is a new addition to the game that came with the Drug Wars DLC. Here, we are going to go over how you can get the Breaking Bad RV in GTA Online.

How To Get The Breaking Bad RV in GTA Online?

GTA Online Breaking Bad
This is the website you need to use in GTA Online to purchase the Zirconium II, also known as the Breaking Bad RV. (Picture: Rockstar Games/ItsJah YouTube Channel)

Thanks to Rockstar, the Breaking Bad RV is now available to obtain in GTA Online. Getting the RV is a two-fold process that you need to go through to obtain the RV. The first thing is that you need to purchase the Zirconium Journey II. The Journey is the name of the RV you are looking for. You can purchase the RV from the website of the super auto in the game for $790,000 in-game cash.

Once you purchase the RV, you will notice that it does not exactly look like the RV from Breaking Bad. To fix that, you then need to customize your car. Give your RV a bleached brown or cream color, and then you need to change the livery for it. You are looking to purchase the Cooking Time livery for about $20,520. With this, you will have the Breaking Bad RV.

Are There Other Breaking Bad References In GTA Online?

GTA Online Breaking Bad
The Breaking Bad RV was included as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

At the moment, it is unclear if there are any other Breaking Bad references that were added to the game just yet. Players are still going through all the new additions in GTA Online and finding out exactly what the Drug Wars DLC has to offer.

On top of that, data miners are hard at work looking through the files of the game to see what the future of the game holds for players. So it is possible that there are more Breaking Bad references coming to GTA Online. If that is the case, we will update this page accordingly.

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