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GTA Online: How To Get Camhedz Arcade Machine in 2023

If you have always wanted to get the Camhedz arcade cabinet in GTA Online, now is your opportunity to do so.
GTA Online: How To Get Camhedz Arcade Machine in 2023

With Halloween coming soon, there are many Halloween-themed events happening in GTA Online right now. From smashing Jack O' Lanterns to Halloween-themed clothes, and even mystery UFOs roaming the city. There is a lot of holiday content happening in the game right now!

AlOne of the things that you could have gotten during Halloween in 2021 is a Camhedz arcade machine. This arcade machine has been out of stock for a while and players could not buy it for a year. Arcade owners in GTA Online should rejoice because the Camhedz arcade machine in GTA Online.

What Is The Camhedz Arcade Machine?

GTA Online Camhedz
Camhedz is a horror-themed arcade machine that players can buy in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In GTA Online, there are a lot of different properties that you can end up owning in the game. One of the various properties that are available to purchase is an arcade. You would buy an arcade so you can plan your Diamond Casino Heist in the basement.

One of the things you can do to improve your arcade is to buy arcade cabinets. In GTA Online, these arcade cabinets actually work and you can play games on them. So it is worth buying the arcade machines to have some fun mini-games to play.

Camhedz is an on-rails shooter game. Players shoot spooky-themed enemies with a variety of guns in the game. It is a pretty good distraction from all the high-octane action that GTA Online gives you.

How To Get The Camhedz Arcade Machine?

GTA Online
Players should be wary that it is possible that Camhedz could not be available to purchase again. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Now that the Camhedz arcade machine is back in GTA Online, you can simply purchase it at the same location as you bought any other arcade machine in the game. Thankfully, it is relatively cheap being priced at around $362,500 to purchase this arcade cabinet.

But players should hurry and buy Camhedz as soon as possible. It is entirely possible that Camhedz Arcade machine goes away again for another year. It is even possible that Rockstar will not bring the arcade machine back if they decide to pull it out of the game again. So if you have ever wanted to have all arcade machines in your arcade, now is the time to do so.

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