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Can PS4 Owners Play With PS5 Owners In GTA Online

Is it possible for PS4 players to be in the same session as PS5 players in GTA 5?
Can PS4 Owners Play With PS5 Owners In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is available to play across multiple gameplay platforms. The game was released almost ten years ago, and instead of just dying with the PlayStation 3 console, developer Rockstar Games has made various versions of GTA 5 and GTA Online. As a result, newer players can enjoy the many heists, like the Panther Statue Event and other content.

Not only that, Rockstar has continued to develop expansions like the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC for the game so players can enjoy even more content for the game. This game is online and multiplayer, so that begs the question: Can PS4 and PS5 users play together in GTA Online? We have the answer you are looking for here.

Can PS5 GTA Online Players Join A Session With PS4 Players?

GTA Online PS4 Crossplay
Rockstar has enhanced the graphics for GTA Online with each new generation of consoles. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The short answer is: no. PS4 and PS5 users cannot play GTA Online together. But why? GTA Online was initially launched on the PlayStation, and back then, the only other players that could also enjoy the game were on the Xbox 360. In addition, crossplay was either not possible, or companies refused to do so.

As time passed, GTA had to be enhanced to keep up with the increase in graphical possibilities for the game. So Rockstar made enhanced versions of GTA Online. With each new console came a new enhanced version of GTA Online. So, technically speaking, the PS4 version of GTA Online and the PS5 version are not the same, which prevents PS4 and PS5 users from playing together.

Is Crossplay Coming To GTA Online?

GTA Online PS4 PS5
PS4 GTA Online players cannot play with PS5 players. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Crossplay has become increasingly possible with the latest enhancements in technology and gaming. For this reason, players can enjoy different games together, no matter what console they own. So, will it ever be possible for GTA Online to have crossplay?

That said, it is not "impossible" that GTA Online will support crossplay, but it is unlikely. The reason is simple: it has not happened yet, and Rockstar has not given players any indication that it will eventually occur. Not only that, with Grand Theft Auto 6 coming within the next three years, it is likely Rockstar will want to put all their focus on that game before and after it launches. So the window of opportunity for crossplay in GTA Online is slowly closing.

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