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GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Mission List

Here we will go over all the missions that you will find in GTA Online's new DLC, Los Santos Drug Wars
GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Mission List

When it comes to GTA Online, it is all about the missions that you can play. The missions give you a story to work on and it guides your gameplay in GTA Online. The missions also often unlock a lot of the free-play content in GTA Online. Whether you are doing missions alone or with friends, the missions are usually the most popular part of DLC updates.

It looks like the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC is going to be no different as well. The Drug Wars DLC is going to be a massive update to GTA Online and it is going to bring a lot of missions to the game. Here, we are going to go over the various missions that the Drug Wars update will bring.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars
The GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars will bring new story-missions to the game. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

All GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Missions

There are some DLC updates that do not bring story-driven missions along with their content. We are happy to announce that Rockstar Games has confirmed that there will be story-driven missions in the new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC.

In fact, there are going to be a lot of missions coming with this new DLC, and it's been split into two parts.

GTA Online: The First Dose

The first selection of story-driven missions are known as 'The First Dose'. Here's what you need to know about these missions:

"Dax and his group of hard-partying nonconformists, the Fooliganz, are looking to establish their position by setting up shop in Blaine County. Embark on the trip of a lifetime and join the troupe at a new base of operations — The Freakshop — and take on The Lost MC and other adversaries to dominate the illicit drug trade. Complete the First Dose in six new missions and acquire the necessary lab equipment to unlock access to an Acid Lab in the rear of the new MTL Brickade 6x6. Then establish your new mobile business with your own brand of mind-bending substances."

Here is the list of GTA Online The First Dose Missions:

  • First Dose 1 - Welcome to the Troupe
  • First Dose 2 - Designated Driver
  • First Dose 3 - Fatal Incursion
  • First Dose 4 - Uncontrolled Substance
  • First Dose 5 - Make War not Love
  • First Dose 6 - Off the Rails

GTA Online: The Last Dose

The second half of the Los Santos Drug Wars missions is titled 'The Last Dose' and includes a further 5 missions. Here's a brief description of what you should expect:

"Since joining up with the Fooliganz in The First Dose, you've helped Dax, Luchadora, Labrat, and the rest of this colorful crew wage war on the competition for control of the Southern San Andreas psychedelics trade — squeezing out rival operations through outright theft, eliminating those who would stand in your path, and even enjoying a little time in an altered state. Now, in The Last Dose, the shadowy opposition is striking back, so it’ll be up to you to assist the Fooliganz in their quest to remain atop the illicit pharmaceutical food chain with five new missions that pick up right where things left off. Look for a call from Dax or visit The Freakshop to get going."

Here is the list of GTA Online The Last Dose Missions:

  • This is an Intervention
  • Unusual Suspects
  • FriedMind
  • Checking In
  • BDKD

And that's all the missions available as part of the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update.

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