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Is GTA Online Getting A Cayo Perico Battle Royale Mode?

It looks like Cayo Perico is getting a large-scale battle mode in GTA Online and it could be a Battle Royal.
Is GTA Online Getting A Cayo Perico Battle Royale Mode?

GTA Online has recently received another big update for players. The San Andreas Mercenaries DLC is now available and players are going in to see everything that this DLC has to offer. With new ways to make money and new vehicles, there is a lot for players to absorb and experience in San Andreas Mercenaries.

Whenever Rockstar launches a new DLC, they usually do not give players everything at once. For one reason or another, Rockstar enjoys giving players drip-feed content which is content that is released over a period of time. One new piece of content coming up is a new large-scale battle on Cayo Perico. Could Cayo Perico be getting a battle royale mode in GTA Online?

16 August 2023 Update - We've checked for the latest news and leaks relating to Assault on Cayo Perico.

GTA Online Cayo Perico Battle Royale
Seems like GTA Online players will be heading back to Cayo Perico soon for a large battle. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Is Cayo Perico Getting A Battle Royale Mode In GTA Online?

Not exactly. When we first got information about a large-scale battle happening in Cayo Perico, we thought it could be a new battle royale mode but we were wrong. Rockstar announced a new game mode called Assault on Cayo Perico and it is a new Adversary Mode. It has been compared to Rush mode in the Battlefield games.

There are two teams, attackers and defenders. Both teams will choose a predetermined loadout and attackers will try to capture a couple of different points that are scattered throughout the map. Defenders will try to push back the attackers and keep the points safe. If defenders run down the clock, they win. If attackers capture all of the points, they win.

GTA Online Cayo Perico Battle Royale Game Mode
Attackers will land on Cayo Perico in the new adversary game mode. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

When Will Assault On Cayo Perico Arrive In GTA Online?

It has been a couple of weeks since the initial announcement of this new game mode. Although this was supposed to be part of the San Andreas Mercenaries game mode, it took quite some time before this new game mode was released. Now, the wait is over and players can finally play the new Assault on Cayo Perico game mode.

As far as we know, this is the only new content that is planned for Cayo Perico. There is still a possibility that a new battle royale mode could come in the near future. If we do get any information about that potential game mode, we will update this page to reflect that information.

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