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Can You Do GTA Online Contract Missions Solo?

In this article, we take a look at whether it is possible to complete GTA Online's The Contract missions Solo.
Can You Do GTA Online Contract Missions Solo?

The Contract DLC in GTA online brings a ton of new content and familiar faces. Not only can players again hang out with Franklin Clinton as his new business partner, but Dr. Dre makes a cameo appearance as himself as well! Players can experience several story missions featuring these new and returning characters and many security missions to help fill up your wall safe. 

It is possible to complete all these missions alongside other players. However, can you play The Contract missions solo in GTA Online? We're here to answer that question!

Can You Do The Contract Missions Solo In GTA Online?

GTA Online Dr. Dre
Big names such as Franklin and Dr. Dre appear in The Contract DLC for GTA Online (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Technically, yes! There are no in-game party restrictions regarding how many or how few players can attempt to complete The Contract DLC missions. Some of the missions, in fact, are supposed to be completed alone (for example, the security missions). 

While it is possible to complete the harder Contract missions alone, it is not recommended, as these missions were designed to be cleared by a group of players. Larger and more intricate missions (such as the retrieval of Dr. Dre's phone) are recommended for groups of 2-4 players due to the mission's difficulty. Players are more than welcome to attempt any of these missions alone. Just make sure you are prepared for the difficulty. 

If you plan on attempting any of The Contract missions alone without any backup, take extra time to prepare ammunition reserves, and practice your aim. You're going to have to be a perfect shot to emerge victoriously!

GTA Online
Take on The Contract DLC missions solo or as part of a group in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

How To Start The Contract Missions Solo In GTA Online

When starting up a Contract mission that usually requires a team, players will be taken to a lobby screen where they can wait for other players to join. However, if you simply select "confirm" to accept the room settings as they are, you will be prompted with a small confirmation check. If you accept this as well, you can proceed on the mission solo. 

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