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GTA Online The Gooch Location Guide: How To Find & Rewards

If you want to know how to catch the mysterious figure in GTA Online known as The Gooch, read on to find out.
GTA Online The Gooch Location Guide: How To Find & Rewards

In GTA Online, there are a lot of mysterious figures in the game that appear. From Sasquatch to aliens, GTA Online players are not strangers to finding a lot of weird characters in Los Santos. As the year reaches the end, it seems like the number of strange characters will only increase.

With snow hitting GTA Online, players will meet a Christmas monster, The Gooch. But who exactly is The Gooch in GTA Online? Is there anything you can do about him? We have the answers you are looking for regarding The Gooch.

12 January 2023 - The Gooch has now been removed in the latest GTA Online Weekly Update following the conclusion of the Festive Surprise event. The Gooch and Snowman Collectables may return once again in December 2023.

Tracking Down The Gooch

As players walk around in GTA Online, they might end up being visited by The Gooch. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

As mentioned above, The Gooch is a monster added to GTA Online's winter update and he will appear in the game as a part of the Festive event The Gooch Shootout. He will get activated in the game after 50 minutes of joining and will need two or more playerson the server. During the event, he will randomly steal money, and snacks from the players, and your job will be to kill him. 

Since The Gooch will spawn randomly in all kinds of sessions, whether public or private, there is no exact location where you can find him. Thus, the best way is to start walking around if they want the chance to meet The Gooch as he needs an opportunity to pickpocket you. However, make sure that you spend 50 minutes outside of a building and without doing any mission to encounter The Gooch. 

To put it simply, you do not find The Gooch, The Gooch finds you. Players can be walking around minding their own business in GTA Online, and The Gooch will randomly appear off-screen and then run into you. 

Rewards For Taking Out The Gooch In GTA Online

GTA Online The Gooch Mask
Players can get The Gooch Mask by taking him out the first time they see him. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Twitter User @Fluuffball)

Of course, players will not simply let The Gooch take their money and snacks without consequence. One thing that you should do once you are visited by The Gooch is to take him out quickly. Any gun should do the job.

Once you have taken him out, you will receive all the loot that he stole from you. On top of that, he will leave a present from The Gooch's body as well. If you pick it up, you will receive The Gooch Mask for the first time you take him out and in addition to this, you will also get GTA$25000 and snacks as a bonus.

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