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GTA Online Mercenaries Payout For Project Overthrow Missions

Discover here how much cash you will get for doing Project Overthrow in GTA Online's new San Andreas Mercenaries DLC and if it is worth playing.
GTA Online Mercenaries Payout For Project Overthrow Missions

When it comes to GTA Online, it is all about the money you are making in the game. You are trying to make as much money as possible so you can buy new properties, cars, and other businesses that you might be interested in. GTA Online is a constant loop of making money to make even more money and that is what players expect.

So that is why when new DLC drops, players get excited about new money-making opportunities. The San Andreas Mercenaries DLC is now available and players are discovering new money-making opportunities. But what about the story missions themselves? Does the new 'Project Overthrow' pay well in GTA Online? Let's take a closer look.

GTA Online Project Overthrow Payout
Project Overthrow is very costly to the players but is the payout good? (Picture: Rockstar Games)

What Is The Payout For Project Overthrow In GTA Online

The new DLC story mission in GTA Online is called Project Overthrow and comprises of 6 story missions. As usual, these can be played with 1-4 players. Leaving aside the content of the story missions themselves, every GTA Online mission will give you some sort of payout at the end. But is it worth investing in Project Overthrow for the money? From the sounds of it, Project Overthrow does not pay well at all. Based on some math done by GTA Online community members, players may want to skip these missions.

To even start Project Overthrow you will need to buy an Avenger that will cost anywhere between $3.45 million to $4.8 million. On top of that, you will need to purchase the Mission Terminal upgrade for $1.45 million to even do the missions. Each mission will payout around $20,000 to $30,000 on average, depending on the difficulty and although you'll earn a first time bonus, the maximum payout will still be pretty low.

If you were to complete all missions, it's probably looking like $120K from the missions + $250K for the first time bonus, so as a total payout you'll earn roughly $370k. That's still not even close to the cost of the Avenger upgrade you purchased to start the missions in the first place. All and all, Project Overthrow appears to be a terrible way to make money in GTA Online currently.

Note - we're still playing the missions themselves and will update this page with a proper chart once we've made a note of all the payouts ourselves.
GTA Online Project Overthrow Payout
Are the players liking Project Overthrow despite the payout? (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Is Project Overthrow In GTA Online Worth Playing

From what we can tell, the payout for Project Overthrow is horrible according to the community. Most players that we have seen are saying the payout for the story missions is "an absolute joke" to what they got in the past. From what it seems, the GTA Online community is not impressed with the story mission payout.

They also are just not liking Project Overthrow in general it seems. Some players are saying that Project Overthrow is too difficult for some missions, and others are saying it is too easy. Overall, no one seems to be impressed by Project Overthrow in GTA Online. So whilst it might be enjoyable enough the first time around, we doubt many players will be repeating these missions anytime soon, not least when the payout seems so low.

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