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GTA Online: How To Change Character Gender In 2023

Find out if it's possible to change the gender of your GTA Online character after you created it and how to do so if you can right here!
GTA Online: How To Change Character Gender In 2023

Creating the perfect character in GTA Online can be thrilling for many players. Immersing oneself in character customization and spending hours perfecting every detail to mirror their ideal persona in the world of Los Santos, is a testament to the game's captivating design.

However, a lingering question among many players is: Can you change genders in GTA Online? Could you, for instance, modify your character's gender to resemble the protagonist of the anticipated GTA 6? This guide explores these queries, detailing the options for altering your character's gender in GTA Online.

Updated on 19 June 2023: Switching genders is still not possible in GTA 5. We'll continue to monitor for any changes and update this page accordingly.

Can You Change Genders In GTA Online?

gta online change gender

The direct answer is no, you cannot switch genders in GTA Online. Once you've chosen a gender for your character in the game's character creation menu, that choice is locked in. Rockstar Games have not yet implemented a feature allowing players to alter their character's gender after it has been set.

Even in the case of character transfers – say, transferring your GTA Online character from Xbox One to PlayStation 5 or any other console – the option to change your character's gender is not provided. Your character's gender remains the same.

We understand the flexibility of character customization is crucial for gamers, and we'll be monitoring Rockstar's updates closely. If changes to this policy or new features are introduced, we'll promptly update this page to inform our readers.

How To Change Your Gender In GTA Online (Unofficial)

how to change gender gta online

Despite the official limitations, there is an alternative route to change your character's gender in GTA Online. But tread carefully, as Rockstar Games do not sanction this method. In essence, this function is a glitch within the game. As it is not a feature intended by the developers, using it could potentially lead to consequences, such as penalizations by Rockstar Games.

While we won't provide detailed instructions on how to exploit this glitch, for ethical and policy reasons, a quick online search or a visit to YouTube will yield several tutorials (like the one below). As of our latest information, this glitch is still functional, but this could change at any moment, especially if Rockstar Games decides to patch it.

Can I Change Genders By Transfering Rank In GTA Online?

Moreover, you might wonder if transferring your rank to a new character of a different gender could be a workaround. While this is possible, it's not the same as changing the gender of your existing character. This process will essentially create a new character, and your original character's appearance and progress (other than rank) won't carry over.

And that concludes our guide on changing your gender in GTA Online. We hope you find the contents useful. This guide was originally written by Daniel Borjas and subsequently reworked by Chadley Kemp.

GTA Online: How To Change Character Gender In 2023 FAQ

Can I change my character's gender in GTA Online?

No, currently, there is no official feature to change your character's gender in GTA Online. Once you choose a gender during character creation, it cannot be altered.

Is there an unofficial way to change my character's gender in GTA Online?

While there is an unofficial glitch that allows changing gender, it is not supported by Rockstar Games and may have consequences. Learn more about this in our guide.

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