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How To Host A Job Every Time In GTA Online

Hosting a Job in GTA Online will allow you to control who participates in that Job with you alongside other attributes. Here's how it works.
How To Host A Job Every Time In GTA Online

GTA Online doesn't have dedicated servers, which means it's hard to get into a server all by yourself and play privately. Sometimes it can be a nuisance, especially when exploring the open world or completing one of the many Jobs the game has to offer.

Fortunately, there are ways to decide who gets to be on a server with you in GTA Online, especially when doing jobs. One way to do this is to host that Job. Read our guide to find out how to host a Job in GTA Online.

How To Host A Job In GTA Online

gta online job disable
You can host a job in GTA Online by disabling matchmaking. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The simplest way to host a Job in GTA Online is by disabling matchmaking in the setting. Doing so will make you the host every time and also prevent the game from adding you to some other player's session.

To disable matchmaking in GTA Online, go to the 'Online' tab and select 'Options.' In the 'Options' menu, go to 'Matchmaking' and set it to closed. And that's it!

There's another way to host a Job in GTA Online that involves bookmarking your favorite Jobs and accessing them easily from the 'Bookmarked' section in the Online tab. 

gta online jobs
Accessing the bookmarked Jobs in GTA Online will always make you the host. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

To bookmark a Job in GTA Online, follow the steps written below:

  • Go to options
  • Select 'Online'
  • Click on 'Jobs' and then 'Play Job'
  • Select any Job from 'Rockstar Created' or 'Rockstar Verified' or
  • 'Recently Played' and press X or Square to bookmark them
  • Go back and select the Jobs you bookmarked earlier from the 'Bookmarked section'
  • You will become the host of the job

And that's the alternative way to host a job in GTA Online! Bookmarking the Jobs you like and accessing them from the 'Bookmarked' section will allow you to host these Jobs every time you load them. 
Once you load the Job, you will have the option to enable or disable matchmaking, invite friends or other players, and customize other aspects of it before starting. 

And that's everything you need to know about hosting a Job in GTA Online.

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