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Where Is Luxury Autos Showroom In GTA Online?

Learn how to find Luxury Autos Showroom in GTA Online, Los Santos' premium car dealership!
Where Is Luxury Autos Showroom In GTA Online?

Looking for Los Autos Showroom's location in GTA Online? You've come to the right place!

After the Criminal Enterprise update in GTA Online in July 2022, Rockstar Games teased that new car dealerships would be introduced in-game. The developers eventually delivered their promise, introducing the Luxury Autos Showroom in August of that same year, showcasing premium cars with minor modifications upon purchase.

If you are among the many players who love to purchase vehicles in GTA Online, buying from the Luxury Autos Showroom is a sure way to expand your car collection and flex on your haters in-game. But where do you start? This article will detail where to find the Luxury Autos Showroom in GTA Online.

Where is Luxury Autos Showroom in GTA Online?

Luxury Autos Blip in GTA Online Map.
Luxury Autos Showroom Blip in GTA Online Map. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Luxury Autos Showroom is situated at 357 North Portola Drive, based on the real-world Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. More specifically, the car dealership is on the ground floor of the multi-level Rockford Hills Valet Parking building at the intersection of Mad Wayne Thunder Drive and Eastbourne Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. 

But finding a store using just an address is quite a difficult task in GTA Online, so here are two easy ways how you can find Luxury Autos Showroom:

  • Open your Map in GTA Online and look for the Barber Shop on Rockford Hills in North West part of the city. Then, ping your GPS to the Barbar Shop to locate Luxury Autos Showroom in the same building.

  • The other way to find Luxury Autos Showroom is if you have purchased an Agency, you will unlock the Dr. Dre Record Studio. Go to the Record Studio, and you will find Luxury Autos Showroom opposite the Studio.

It goes without saying that the easiest way to find Luxury Autos Showroom is by opening your in-game Map and selecting it from the Blips on the right side of your screen. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the car dealership without trouble.

Two car every week is displayed on Luxury Autos Showroom.
Two new cars every week are displayed on Luxury Autos. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

You'll be happy to know that two new cars are available to buy from the showroom when the GTA Online Weekly Update arrives every Thursday. Unfortunately, the vehicles in the display will not allow players to test drive like you can from the vehicles in Premium Deluxe Motorsports. However, players can inspect the cars before purchasing them.

That's everything you need to know about locating Luxury Autos Showroom in GTA Online.


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