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GTA Online Movie Prop Map Locations and Rewards

If you are struggling to find the movie prop locations in GTA Online, we are here to help you find where the props are.
GTA Online Movie Prop Map Locations and Rewards

In GTA Online, there are a lot of missions where you will have to go and find random items for someone in the game. The rewards are varied from getting money, RP, or cosmetics for your character. Finding movie props is a very similar process.

This time, you are looking for movie props for Soloman Richards, who had a break-in in his movie studio. You are tasked to find the movie props to get a reward from him. Here, we show you exactly where you need to look so you can get your reward from him.

Where To Find The Movie Props In GTA Online

GTA Online Movie Props
Here is one of the movie props that you can find in Sandy Shores. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In total, you are actually looking for 10 different movie props in GTA Online so you can get your reward. Of the 10, only 7 of them are in a fixed location every time. The other three are in three possible locations for each prop.

Here are the locations for the 7 props that have a fixed location:

  • Meltdown Film Reel - Richards Majestic Productions, Backlot City, near Soloman's office
  • WIFA Award - Vanilla Unicorn back office
  • Indian Headdress - The Diamond Casino & Resort in a bathroom
  • Alien Head - Near the top of Beam Me Up in Sandy Shores
  • Mummy Head - Route 68, on a porch of a house
  • Clapperboard - Fort Zancudo on a desk in air traffic control
  • Monster Mask - Altruist Camp on a rock

You should be able to find these with relative ease because these movie props are in a fixed location. As for the rest, the movie props, the others are actually inside a vehicle. These vehicles can be parked or even driven around in the city. Here are the locations of the vehicles you are looking for:

  • Mummy Coffin: Pony vehicle
    • Parked at Epsilon Center in Rockford Hills
    • Parked at the Kortz Center
    • Driving heading north Rockford Drive
  • Tiger Skin: Rumpo is the vehicle you are looking for
    • Parked in Textile City next to Simmet Alley
    • Parked in La Mesa near Darnell Bros.
    • Driving heading east over the San Andreas Avenue Bridge in La Mesa
  • Globe: Rebel is the vehicle you are looking for
    • Parked in Paleto Bay behind The Hen House
    • Parked in Paleto Bay at Willie's Supermarket
    • Driving east past Procopio Truck Stop on Great Ocean Highway

What Is The Reward For Finding The Movie Props In GTA Online?

The reward you get for finding the movie props is definitely worth the trouble you go through. In total, you will get $150,000 and around 41,000 RP. But that is not the only reward you get for this job.

You will also get the Space Interloper outfit as well. So if you want the chance to get this alien outfit, you will have to find all the movie props to do so.

GTA Online Movie Props
The Headdress is located in the Diamond Casino restrooms, and it looks like this. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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