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How To Find Possessed Animals In GTA Online This Halloween

It looks like there will be a new Possessed Animals event coming to GTA Online during Halloween.
How To Find Possessed Animals In GTA Online This Halloween
Rockstar Games/FloorballGTA on Twitter

It is once again that time of the year. Halloween is around the corner and because of that, the landscape of video games is changing, including GTA Online. GTA Online is going to be having another Halloween event and this time around, it seems like there is going to be a lot more content than what is normally provided.

Each year, it seems like GTA Online adds an event for players to check out during Halloween. For example, the Phantom Car event was added last year after it was missing in prior years. Now we have the new Poassessed Animals event coming to GTA Online during Halloween. Here, we will go over the details of the event.

What Is The Possessed Animals Random Event In GTA Online?

In a recent news post from Rockstar Games, we got information about the upcoming Halloween Horrors event. But it looks like some hidden details are coming to the event. One of them was data mined by a user named @FloorballGTA on Twitter, and one of them was a random event featuring possessed animals.

From what was data mined, there are over 120 possible spawn locations for the possessed animals. The animals look normal at first but once encountered, they will become possessed and immediately attack players. Players will have to kill it which will end the event. The possessed animals can be found almost anywhere outside of the city.

Rewards For Completing The Possessed Animals Event In GTA Online

So what do players get out of completing the Possessed Animals Event in GTA Online? So far, there is no official information about rewards for this particular event. As previously stated, this event was data mined and there are not any known rewards at the time of this writing. Once we know more, we will update this page accordingly.

GTA Online Possessed Animals Event
Players will need to take out the possessed animal that attacks them in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games/FloorballGTA on Twitter)

More than likely, players will be getting cash and RP for completing the Possessed Animals event. From what is known, this is a random event which means there is no progression involved. So it makes it much more likely that the rewards players would get for this particular event would be smaller than other events happening during Halloween.

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