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How To Quit Taxi Work In GTA Online

GTA Online introduced a new Taxi work, but many players found it difficult to quit. Here is how to do it.
How To Quit Taxi Work In GTA Online

Rockstar Games introduced a new Taxi business in GTA Online with the Los Santos Drug Wars Dripfeed update. All the existing and new players can sign up for the job and complete Taxi trips to earn some money. To start the Taxi Work, players need to head to the Downtown Cab Company and take the job as a Taxi driver, or if they own a Taxi, they can start by requesting Taxi to be delivered to them from Pegasus Lifestyle Management for $200. Although the job pays significantly less compared to other jobs in the game, this can be helpful to the new players to earn some money.

Once you start the job as a taxi driver, the Downtown Cab Company dispatch will send you the customer's location, and you need to drive to pick them up and drop them at their destination. Once you complete a trip, you will be given another pick-up location for a new customer, and this will continue until you manually quit the Taxi job. After completing a few trips, players start to get bored with the job, but they find it difficult to quit the job. If you are one of these players, here is how to quit taxi work in GTA Online.

How To Quit Taxi Work in GTA Online

How to Quit Taxi Work in GTA Online.
How to Quit Taxi Work in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Arnab)

There are a few ways to quit the Taxi work in GTA Online:

  • You can quit the Taxi work by pressing and holding the Y button on Xbox One/Xbox Series S/X, the Triangle button on PS4/PS5, and F on PC.

  • You can also quit by going to the Job List in the in-game phone and selecting Quit Taxi Work.

You can also end the Taxi job if:

  • The player kills a customer.

  • The player receives a wanted level while completing a fare.

  • Or Destroys the Taxi.

Also, if there are other players in your session, they can see you completing Taxi work and attack you, which might also result in terminating the Taxi Work.

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