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GTA Online Salvage Yard: Locations, Max Payout & Upgrades

Looking for the scoop on the GTA Online Salvage Yard after "The Chop Shop" DLC update? We've got you covered!
GTA Online Salvage Yard: Locations, Max Payout & Upgrades
Rockstar Games

Looking for the best Salvage Yard location in GTA Online? You're in the right spot! Introduced in "The Chop Shop" DLC was one of the biggest changes—an all-new illicit business run under the guise of Red's Auto Parts but fueled by audacious vehicle robberies.

This guide is your golden ticket to turning salvaged (or rather, stolen) goods into cold, hard cash, baby! Learn all the secrets of the Salvage Yard in GTA Online, including every property, upgrades, the best location, and whether or not your investment is worth it.

Updated on 4 January 2024: I've updated this page with more details about the max payout because I neglected to add this section. When you're done reading this guide, you might want to check out our Hangar, Bunker, Facility, or Action Figure guides!

How To Start A Salvage Yard Business In GTA Online

To start your Chop Shop, you'll need to get in touch with Yusuf Amir (more on him later)—Yusuf will contact you and instruct you to purchase a Salvage Yard in GTA Online. The next step is to whip out your in-game phone and buy a plot from the Maze Bank website.

After purchasing a Salvage Yard, head over to it. You'll find Yusuf there, who will provide further guidance. This is where you'll start your car robbery activities. You'll also meet another dude named Jamal, who is in charge of organizing car robberies.

Use the Planning Wall to see a range of cars available for heist. However, be mindful that each gig requires some pre-planning. Once the heist is complete, take the stolen vehicle back to the Chop Shop for salvaging—turning stolen treasure into profit!

Note: The sale will take some time. However, you can cash in immediately via the "Quick Sell" option. Just note that this won't return the same amount of cash, though—buyers will take advantage of your desperation.

All Salvage Yard Locations In GTA Online

You can choose from five Salvage Yard locations in GTA Online via Maze Bank Foreclosures. Each property varies in accessibility and price—so you'll want to choose wisely. It's also worth considering each location's unique characteristics.

Oh—and in case you're wondering: yes, you can relocate your Salvage Yard in GTA Online. However, like other business properties, any upgrades you purchase will be forfeited after transferring to the new location. Here are all the Salvage Yard locations in GTA Online:

Salvage Yard Description Price Image
Murietta Heights Boasting a lively neighborhood and the Tatviam Mountains within fleeting distance, this popular property has seen a high turnaround of owners over recent years. But with care and a high-quality legal team, this could be your business's forever home. $2,420,000 murietta heights
Strawberry Very few entrepreneurs are brave enough to set up shop in Strawberry. But before you turn away from this wonderful property, let us assure you the deafening sound of machinery drowns out the constant gunfire almost entirely. $2,570,000 strawberry
La Puerta Looking for a property with character and charm? Then you'll be thrilled to know the last owner of this outlet was crushed to death by the car lift. The standard charges for "interesting history" have been waived. $2,690,000 la puerta
Paleto Bay A delightful community with superb surroundings and one of the slowest police response times in the country. These are the ingredients that small businesses are made of. $1,620,000 paleto bay
Sandy Shores This former holiday resort boasts one of the lowest rates of disposable income in the developed world. So, you're guaranteed almost no customers. On the plus side, you're guaranteed almost no customers. $2,030,000 sandy shores

All Salvage Yard Upgrades In GTA Online

Looking to speed up the time it takes to salvage parts? Or perhaps you need a tow? No problem! You can buy upgrades in GTA Online to boost the efficiency of your Salvage Yard. But be warned—these add-ons do not come cheap!

Add-Ons Price Description
Tint $75,000 This changes the color of the Salvage Yard's walls, floors, and decals. You can choose from gray, red, blue, orange, yellow, green, teal, pink, and dark gray.
Get Trade Rates $450,000 Connections to local businesses are priceless yet surprisingly affordable. This is why, for a one-off payment, you'll receive discounts on all claims with Mors Mutual and on repairing vehicles with LS Customs.
Tow Truck $1,100,000 Looking to earn a living salvaging parts with your very own Tow Truck service? Then invest in Vapid's finest towing solution. Or Vapid's not-the-finest towing solution...
Wall Safe $750,000 Nothing flexes your success like a block of steel and concrete large enough to store up to $250,000. Business development is all about tangible goals.
Staff $625,000 Looking to speed up the time it takes to salvage parts? Then you need another pair of hands. Remember, you're not just paying for an employee; you're paying for their time, expertise, and the bribes for their parole officer.
All Upgrades $5,690,000. Assuming you purchase the most expensive property (La Puerta), the total cost of every upgrade will set you back $5,690,000. Ouch!

What Is The Best Salvage Yard To Buy In GTA Online?

The best Salvage Yard locations in the new GTA Online "Chop Shop" update are either Murietta Heights or Strawberry. Here's a breakdown of why these locations are recommended:


Both Murietta Heights and Strawberry are situated within the city, making them more accessible compared to the more remote options like Paleto Bay or Sandy Shores. That said, their central location is advantageous for quick access to various parts of the city.

Cost vs. Convenience

While the La Mesa location is the most expensive Salvage Yard in GTA Online, it doesn’t offer any significant advantages over the other city locations. In fact, it has the downside of being located near a gang attack, which can sometimes restrict access to the Salvage Yard.

Business Efficiency

Being in the city also means you're a lot closer to where most of the action is, which can benefit Salvage Yard's business operations. This proximity can make missions and transport of vehicles more efficient.


While Murietta Heights and Strawberry are not the cheapest Salvage Yard options, they balance cost and convenience well. Their prices are reasonable considering their more desirable city locations.

Max Payout: GTA Online Salvage Yard

Rockstar Games has been quite vague about the exact GTA Online Salvage Yard max payout. However, several players have confirmed the payout to be roughly $30,000-40,000 per car every 48 minutes. This means your net income is up to $80,000 if you've purchased the staff upgrade.

If you don't have this update, you'll only salvage every 96 minutes, significantly reducing your payout in the GTA Online Salvage Yard business. In addition to this, you'll also get income via the Safe: $24,000 every 48 minutes (with a 100 popularity level) with regular tow missions.

However, you will also lose 5 popularity levels every 48 minutes, which means you must do a tow job every 96 minutes to maintain the max payout. So, taken together, you can realistically expect to get between $84,000-104,000 every 48 minutes passive income in GTA Online Salvage Yard.

Who Is Yusuf Amir In GTA?

Yusuf Amir gta online
Yusuf Amir

The addition of this Salvage Yard business in GTA Online goes hand in hand with the return of Yusuf Amir, a fictional character who some players may remember from Grand Theft Auto IV. While he was only mentioned in the main game, Yusuf Amis has a central role in "The Ballad of Gay Tony" expansion.

Until now, that was the only actual appearance by Yusuf Amir. He was never seen or mentioned again until GTA Online, where he was introduced as a buyer for your vehicle exporting business in late 2016's Import/Export update.

But now, he has reappeared in GTA for the first time in over a decade as the key to your new Salvage Yard criminal ventures. Here's what Rockstar Games had to say in their official blog post:

Yusuf still lusts after the finer things in life — chief among them adding to his collection of luxury import vehicles by any means necessary. With the help of his cousin Jamal, you’ll be charged with planning and executing intricate, high-stakes robberies under the cover of Red’s Auto Parts, a new purchasable salvage yard where you’ll call the shots. Sell the best of the best to Yusuf or salvage your boosted vehicles for parts — the choice, and the cash, is yours.

Please note that this page has been reauthored. It was originally written by Patches Chance.

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