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How To Get Railgun In GTA Online Drug Wars

If you ever wanted to make havoc in GTA Online with a railgun, you now have the opportunity to do so.
How To Get Railgun In GTA Online Drug Wars

Some might argue that in GTA Online, it is all about the crazy weapons that you can get in the game and what you can do with them. And it is hard to argue with that fact. GTA Online has a lot of different weapons that are available in the game, and they range from ridiculous to absolutely deadly.

For example, the new candy cane weapon coming to GTA Online is on the ridiculous side of things. But the new Railgun can definitely be on the deadly side of the spectrum for GTA Online. Here, we are going to go over everything you need to do to add the railgun to your growing weapon collection in GTA Online.

How To Buy The Railgun In GTA Online

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars
Los Santos Drug Wars are bringing a lot of new weapons for players to use in the game. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

There is a lot of content that became available thanks to the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. However, not all of that content was made immediately available. For example, one of the Newswire posts by Rockstar mentioned something about a gun van.

Data miners have looked into it and discovered that the gun van is actually where you will find the railgun. You need to purchase the railgun from this gun van that was previously mentioned by Rockstar.

Data miners have discovered that the gun van will appear randomly on the map in GTA Online but it will not be difficult to find it. The gun van will be marked on the map so players can always find it.

When Can I Get The GTA Online Railgun?

GTA Online Railgun
The railgun is expected to come to GTA Online servers sometime in early 2023. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Unfortunately, neither the railgun nor the gun van is currently available in GTA Online. Although both are part of the new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, Rockstar will eventually drip-feed it to the servers in the upcoming weeks and months.

That means there is an unknown amount of time that it will take before the railgun will actually come to GTA Online. It could be a few weeks, but it could also be a few months. What we are hoping is that the railgun will become immediately available when the gun van drops in the servers. Although there is a question mark in the timeframe for the railgun to release, we do know that it is coming in 2023.

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