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How To Trade Cars In GTA Online

Here is everything you need to know about trading cars in GTA Online.
How To Trade Cars In GTA Online

GTA Online has been one of the most popular online sandbox games since its launch, and Rockstar Games makes sure to amaze the players with weekly updates every Thursday. GTA Online allows players to play with their friends and complete different activities together in the game. One of GTA Online players' most popular and favorite activities is buying cars and customizing from the wide variety available. Unfortunately, the developers have limited asset sharing in the game, meaning you cannot transfer your money, properties, or vehicles to other players.

If you have a friend who recently started playing the game, they cannot borrow your assets and have to grind money to get to your level. Although completing different missions and heists together will help them to earn faster, sometimes more is needed. However, new players can acquire free cars by going to the eye finder browser on their in-game phones and looking for vehicles available for free in the Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Legendary Motorsport, Warstock Cache & Carry, and Benny's Original Motor Works.

But unfortunately, no feature allows you to trade vehicles with your friends in GTA Online. Although, thanks to the GTA Online community, they found a glitch that allows players to trade cars with a friend. Before we let you know how to do this, we highly recommend not performing this glitch and playing the game as intended.

How to trade cars in GTA Online with friends

Both players need to own a MOC to perform the glitch.
Both players need to own a MOC to perform the glitch. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Arnab)

To perform the glitch to trade cars, we suggest doing it in an Invite only session with your friend. Both players should own a Mobile Operations Centre (MOC) with personal vehicle storage. To buy a MOC, players need to buy a Bunker first, then go to the Warstock Cache & Carry website and buy it with a base price of $2,790,000 and additional depending on your customization.

  1. Bring both the MOC close to each other and keep a bike inside your MOC.

  2. Go inside the MOC with your friend while keeping your nearby friends and crew interaction menu open.

  3. Now exit the MOC and park a random vehicle behind your MOC near the License Plate.

  4. Now sit on another vehicle, perform a wheelie in front of the parked car, and press RB.

  5. Once you get on the top of the vehicle, press the right D-Pad button on your controller and open the interaction menu.

  6. This will make the car disappear, now sit in the vehicle you want from your friend and ask your friend to send you his MOC invite.

  7. Sit inside the car and accept the MOC invite; this will make you spawn inside the MOC with the vehicle you want from your friend.

Since the method is based on a glitch, it is highly possible that it may or may not work when you try.

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